5G… 6G… and so forth. Do we need to upgrade the energy level and signaling to get to full automation? Is that the real reason, we are making a step by step approach. Are they going to tell us the truth now, or later when we find out that jobs are being replaced by fully automated technology? While pandemics may be used to interject these technology, “for the sake of all man kind”.

For example, a robot for the replacement of the in store sales person. Just imagine, you can’t get into the store without registering. Once you get into the store, you just have to pick up what you want and walk out. Because you registered, you’ve already made the purchase.

Did anyone think into the future to see the result of all these so called “necessary” upgrades that REPLACE products that work? No accountability for e-waste. No foresight. And history forgotten or dismissed. All to be repeated again and again.

But not this time.