You’ve probably seen in the news or just searching the internet articles about RFID chips being implemented to be used with various products. I’m sure you’ve also read about the conspiracy theories of people having the chip inside of them and controlling them like “puppets”.  Let’s think about this a bit, for analysis.

The world where everyone in the market arena is chipped, who would want to do something like this?  We need to ask that question. For starters we have to assume they have the money to implement it. Therefore we can rule out the poor. Next we need to understand that great thought and research went into it. So now we are looking for people who have access to the research and have the knowledge to pursue such technology. I have to pause here, for I know what you might be thinking, that this is an obvious analysis. But is it? We hear, too many times, that it is the rich and the powerful that is to be blame about nearly every major problem that exists. With this in mind, shouldn’t we question it? Or debate whether those allegations are true? Could the blame be elsewhere? Or distributed?

Getting back on track, we know that not everyone at the time it was supposedly started, did not have access to the research or technology. So the idea, may have came from someone working for a technology company. Someone who may had the idea to push the people in buying their products at the will of the company every time they came out with a new product. The benefit would far exceed any investments which could produce overwhelming profits.

The advertisement would have the trigger words to send to the RFID technology and push the people to make the purchase. Then maybe they will develop it to be used for various other things, such as politics, military, policing, and societal control. What do I mean about these things? Let’s look at it in example and how it gets rid of fair competition and works against the concept of democracy. Sorry, I’ll deal with the ethics and morals at the end.

We know how it can be used in business, but let’s look at politics. Do you believe that politicians on any level are elected or selected? If the RFID is used, a claim can be made that they are selected, because without free thought from manipulation by the RFID, they can very well influence the minds of the voters. Just imagine sending a signal or communication that triggers the thoughts of the people to move towards a specific candidate. So in the eyes of the people, they see debate, they are entertained by the discussions of the issues, but the end result is in the hands of the owners of the RFID and the persons that controls it wirelessly. Have you’ve been chipped? Without even knowing? Without your permission? Conspiracy theorist wants to know.

Other uses, according to conspiracy theorist, is the military. But wait! How would they use these RFID devices? Wouldn’t it affect the nervous system in the body? If it did, then it will more than affect controlling the minds but the actions of the body, including the heart beat, and the motor skills that a person use. Creating the perfect soldier, wirelessly remote controlled by the RFID controllers. Would that be another government department? Who would work for this department to control people? People who believes in freedom, liberty, and justice for all? Would you? Would you be the trigger holder, hurting others who don’t even know they are being controlled?

Would you use the controller of the RFID to get the military men to kill and execute your enemy or the government’s enemy? Think about it. You have your religion, your beliefs, your ideology some of which may not be the same as the government you are working for. But the government doesn’t know that. Would you help yourself to self profit through controlling others with the RFID devices? Would you want to be responsible for destroying your own home country where your ancestors are from? How would you morally and ethically justify it? Shouldn’t it be left up to the soldiers that signed up with commitment and love for their country without bias? This is why we would need to address whether such RFID technology should be used on an international scale.

Do police work with an RFID chip?  Conspiracy theorist seems to be focused on these chips used in specific kinds of people, but I haven’t come across them addressing it in our law and order system. You’re the politician and wants to be protected by the police against your adversaries. You then decide the best use for it is within the police department. At will, you can get them to your location to protect you if you fear for your safety. It would be that easy. Immoral, but that easy. Unfair, but that easy. We can only hope that it isn’t that easy and that such things as RFID technology would not be used in that manner.

Last but not least is the societal control. There really is no need to explain this, but sometimes a picture has to be painted for people to see. Do you love your freedom? Your neighbor? One another? Do you share similar beliefs? If you live in a land that has many different kinds of people, your answer may be different, after all you are different and unique. In fact you may feel threatened when someone or group of people that do not share the same beliefs are becoming more powerful than your kind of people. If only you can get the RFID inside those opposition’s, then you can control them to go along with your ideology and your religion, and your political stance, and your culture. They will do whatever you choose them to do at your will like puppets, like slaves. You can actually discriminate against anyone and treat them differently and unfairly, blacklisting them in everything they do; such as housing, education, and much more.  A new kind of slavery. A modern day slavery, where your kind prevails over others locally, nationally, and internationally. You win.

It’s a nightmare that is incomprehensible. So let’s get to the nitty gritty ethical and moral dilemma. I think it’s safe to say we all care about freedoms, individuality, natural life, and environmental concerns. Clearly such RFID devices being used to control ones mind and body wouldn’t be invited with the knowledge that it would take away what we care about. Unless, your are a machine, why would we need it? Natural human beings do not want it. Semi-natural human beings don’t want it, most beings, in general want independence, individuality, free thoughts, unattached and not controlled by technology.

I ask you this. Do you love yourself? Do you love freedom? Do you respect others space? Do you want to be violated by others? Would you hold the trigger and control others by means of a RFID technology? Are you insane? Are you desperate? Are you willing to sacrifice someone else’s life to save your own? Would you take away and control someone’s life and manipulate their very dreams through a RFID devices feeding images, ideas, thoughts, and manipulating their actions through your commands from an RFID technology?

What kind of person are you?