In Your Face

Julia stumbles through her career, while clashing winyourface cover06182016ith overbearing men who tries to control her life. She finds it hard to resist her passion for success and power. While fulfilling her requirements for school with little to no money and in an abusive relationship, she works odd jobs that takes a heavy toll on her body. With the support of her close friend and a new love, she manages to gain a new found hope to bring her to the next stage in her life; a business and a baby on the way. But this new step has consequences that she must deal with. It may shape her life for the worst. Not wanting to face the true father of the baby, she must make a decision that could destroy the lives around her.

“She was able to gasp a few deep breaths as he stormed out of the bedroom slamming the door.  She stumbled over to the bed to lie down.  Finally he was gone.  It was her victory… Then, the door swung open, just when she had managed to ease her mind.  He had a knife in his hand.  He quickly put his hand over her mouth preventing her from screaming; and then brought the kitchen knife to her throat…’I’m not playing with you.’ He spoke in a calm whisper.  ‘I love you and all you do is hurt me.’..She couldn’t move…”