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I’ve always loved writing.  Still do.  Wrote when I was young.  A whole bunch of nonsense, but to me it was serious writing.  A daydreamer at heart.  Whatever I could imagine gave me an avenue for inspiration and a way to view life on an entirely different level.

It was freedom.  For imagination, to me, is freedom.

Today, I write every chance I get.  Drafting different points of views and analyzing what I feel needs to be analyzed.  Deep inside is where it comes from.

There still remains so much I want to express, so much I want to tell.  Controversial as it may be, Thoughtless as some may perceive, Poor taste, Aggravating, Lovely, Inspirational…

Whatever you may think of it, it may be.  But still I will write to you and to me.

-J. Batten