Foreign Affairs

A new technology surfaces into a changing society. Excited about the possibilities, there are various key players wishing to use it to its full potential. But it comes with pitfalls, affecting everyone in society. Their beliefs are questioned and they must face their fate. The future to become a new batch of cyborgs or to fight and remain free from mental slavery. How many will slip through the cracks to freedom?

20170913 foreign affairs jpgSheri is a key contributor who wishes to bring down the corporation that is in the forefront with this technology. She gains assistance from an unusual ally, but finds that not everyone is who they appear to be. Upon realizing that it’s every man for themselves, she takes the road that best benefits her. Her future, like many others, is set with fate.


“As you all know, this stems from the lawsuit that the hospital had against Pope Mendez. They accused him of stealing 300 work hours by clocking in and leaving the premises to do personal stuff. Stuff like picking his children up, taking care of his elderly mom, and running personal errands for his supervisor. They’ve even got documented surveillance on him doing so. That’s why he lost the case and the hospital won.”

“But that’s not us!” One of the members was bloody red with fury.

“It doesn’t matter. They are using it to take away our rights. They calculated over ten thousand dollars were stolen…”

“Now they are taking extreme action, for ten thousand dollars. A drop in the bucket for them. They want to take our lives for someone stealing less than 1% of their worth!”

“These devils want to put computer chips in us to track us everywhere we go, as if we are their property! Better yet, they want to tell us what to do too! I hear these devices are capable of giving commands!”


See something? Did he mean the execution of the politician? She was getting scared. Even if she could manage to get more off his computer and find the device, even if there was something, she didn’t want to be an accessory to a crime.