When people proclaim to be what they are not, we need to examine who they are.  They may say they are like a ray of sunshine, when indeed they are a ray from a laser gun.  For their intent may be to cause damage on all the souls they try to collect and have made believers out of.  When they lead, they may not be leading you to greener pastures, but to a cesspool of wasted polluted technology.

Your mind is your own and, therefore, all have the right to have free will; even your enemies.  For how can your enemies be deemed as your enemy, when they don’t control their own mind?  We need true freedom for true happiness, which does not come from rainbows, sunshines, and whatever they are trying to sell you.  Happiness comes from within.  You must make your own pursuit to happiness starting from within, loving who you are, appreciating your accomplishments, and striving for your own self development; for natural people evolves naturally with natural elements.

Therefore, the proclamation they give that they are a ray of sunshine, is deception from their true identity.  As you know and what they are not saying is that staying around too much sunshine can act like a laser ray gun and cause sunburn.

But sunlight shows you something different.  It reveals.  It works with the darkness, for there cannot be light without the dark.

J. Batten