The right to privacy

Some people may feel that taking information is their right. They think that the information they are taking will be used to make things better. You hear on the news whistle blowers stealing information from their government and fleeing in hopes to ensure that the people in their country knows the truth. They protest that the government is not fair and is abusive and is just doing wrong against their own. They feel they might find security on foreign land. But did they? What government operates with full ethical conduct? What government doesn’t have their own whistle blowers? I get it, unveiling corruption and an ill government system is cleansing for everyone. But does it change anything? How many of the whistle blowers made a positive impact? How many of them profited personally?

They may get the “oh my god!” and the “I can’t believe it!” and much more, but did the people do anything to make a positive change? Or did the people join in the personal profit of the latest newsworthy reveal? Did they make money on news interviews? Did they write books on the subject? Did they join forces with rival government, living better than they thought they will ever live? There may be a possibility that they never profited at all. Maybe they were caged in isolation, surrounded by people who won’t ever trust them. After all they have revealed themselves as a non-team player.

Why would anyone take the risk of spying and stealing of what does not belong to them? Why did they even spy at all? Did they stumble upon the data by accident? If they didn’t, why did they do it? First of all, any information that was not given to you, is not your right. Government information is extremely sensitive and should not be stolen. They may involve data on citizen, non-citizen, and protective people. They may also involve data on technological and biological impact on society; not to mention ongoing research of unknowns. The true impact of having any of these data fall into the wrong hands can be extremely detrimental. Who is to say that the thief isn’t in a hate organization? Or has personal plans for that data themselves? Can we really say that the thief is ethical and have love for all people? We just don’t know. We also don’t know if the thief is working for someone and the public has no knowledge of this. We can’t be sure of anything. But I get it, without knowing, how can we, as a people, make any changes?

I ask the question, what kind of changes are the people seeking? For whom? All of the people? Some of the People? For a particular kind of people? For whom? We know that everyone cannot be satisfied, because we are all different. There are different classes, different races, different cultures, and such. Did the thieves attempted to make a change in a different manner? There are so many special interest groups out there, wouldn’t their actions overlook some of them? Why would they take matters in their own hands?

What were their true intent?

I would think that government information is not easily obtainable, but I can be wrong. The skills needed to hack into a government computer system, I would think, must be extremely high. I truly don’t know what kind of skills hackers need. I wonder though, is it just hackers that can ascertain private information? Could it be employees involved in collusion for their personal gain? How ethical are people in general? Government employees are people like any other person out their in the real world. It makes me wonder how do they employ in the government sectors? Are their friends and family scrutinized and tested? Did they undergo ethical exams? Are they part of an undisclosed organization or affiliation? Are they really working for the government? There is nothing more unnerving when someone feels they are not safe in their own country.

Anyone can have fear. The government is supposed to provide safety, but when they themselves are engaged in collusion and have hackers stealing information; safety and security is no more. It’s probably why companies and the government or looking in replacing people with technology. They may feel its safer to minimize threats that people bring when they can’t be trusted. When people complain that the government is not doing right and they want to make changes for a better life, who are they complaining about? The government is not a robotic entity that moves and operates outside the realm of humanity. The government and corporations are driven by people and operate with people in mind.

The damage that spy’s invoke are a domino effect. Let’s assume that a government employee stumbled upon technology that the government is researching. This employee decided to spy and dig into the database to get more information on this technology. He discovered the components of the technology and how to use it, but not what it was to be used for. In his mind he believed this technology was for extraterrestrial research, possibly recent UFO activities. He is an avid personal believer of UFO’s. He found out that the technology was actively being used in a young female, whom he thought was an alien. He did not know the truth that it was being used as a witness protection device. The device was for tracking and communication, which was not overtly visible, but he didn’t know that. He’s not supposed to; no one is. He, Harry, decides to share the information to his fellow employees in secret. This secret spread like wild-fire.

Additional employees were able to tap into the device and communicate with the female indirectly, through scrupulous means. The female, which they believed was alien, Jenny did not know who was communicating with her or how they were doing it. Jenny did not know that it was real, because the device was not designed for her to communicate back. To her it was more like a dream and persuasive thoughts. The employees learned to persuade her to do things that she wouldn’t normally do. They had fun by making Jenny do things that were viewed as wrong and alien. They made her believe that she was alien, which was led by their thoughts and their ideas.

They were able to use the device in ways it wasn’t for. They created signals with this device to hurt her physically, make her forget things, make her repeat things, make her say things, make her try to kill herself, make her lose two of her pregnancies. These signals that projected from her mind, where they wirelessly communicated to her, made it possible for physical bodily damage. They then continued to share this wireless device from locally to globally on the premise that Jenny was an alien founded by their government.

They continued to harass her and spy on her whereabouts, her family, her children, her friends, and anyone they thought was helping and who were friendly to her. They engaged in aiding and killing others with the device; and with the power of sending persuasive messages to anyone they could connect through her and the internal device. It became a global disaster. They used it to go after leaders they did not like. They used it to kill masses of people by blowing up buildings.

It was out of hand, because there were people who now know of the wireless device. They were tapping into the technology that Jenny possessed that “pushed” people in doing things they wouldn’t normally do. It was shared with major religious organizations, political leaders, scientific researchers, and anyone who they thought could monitor and stop this alien. Now the device was a weapon. It is no longer a protection device for safety. It is now a stolen device used by people who did not know the true facts and who used it as a weapon. A weapon that could not be taken from Jenny, because it was internal.

Who’s wrong; the government, the spys, the people? The minds of the people did not trust the very government they engaged in establishing. The minds of the people did not believe in the god they worshiped. The minds of the people were not ethical or friendly, but rather aggressive and hostile.

Jenny did not know a thing about it. She only knew of her life and how people were acting and reacting to her existence. She only knew what was happening to her family and her children. She was a true victim and a crime has been committed. It is truly an untold story and a real crime. It all started with an employee spying and speculating on something they know nothing about.

Meanwhile, the people used it for financial gain in the stock market and for other benefits with the belief that the whistleblower did a good thing.

And what of Jenny?