The birds were chirping too loud again, possibly arguing. I got up to walk to the lake, where I washed my face and my body. The water feels good, my skin feels silky and soft from all the natural minerals of the lake. I walk back on the dirt path to my hut and wrapped myself up in a string of leaves. I decided to pick orange colors today, that was the mood I was feeling. It is time for me to get the food ready, for the men had hunted a good game.

New people came to look at us. They brought tools for us; but instead of sharing they pointed it at us. They pushed us and demanded us to do what they say. They say things I can not understand, but the hands made us; and their tools showed us; they can not stand us.

We walked down paths they made; for they needed more game that we had to hunt for them. They wanted more shiny trinkets they find in the waters to decorate themselves. They wanted more of our plants to manufacture something for them. They call it clothes. What we wear is not good enough for them. Our shoes, we had none. Our bodies were clothed by the sun. None of these things suited them.

I woke up this morning, hearing the noise of the men out in the street shouting the news. I close my window, for the air was too cold. The houses blocked the sun from shining in. They made a path for the wind; so it is why they made windows to break the wind. I walked to the bathroom, where I turn on the artificial light you see. There was no natural sunlight on me. I take a shower and bath in the chemically treated water driven from a treatment plant. They had to add some chemicals to clean the water that haunts me. My skin is dry and damaged; no silkiness, no moisture, nothing of natural health; no where. They tell me to buy their products to add to my skin, what I should have naturally. The lotion, I fear, has chemicals too. A concoction of what they made to enter my pores and into my bloodstream; further damaging I fear.

I do not own the land I am on; they said to me. I must pay for everything I see. The house, the water, the food, the light, the very air I breath. Nothing, they said is free. I get dressed in the clothes I buy with the money that they made; and that I have to earn. They say it’s not slavery, but it is the only way to survive with them. And don’t forget I must accept them. They made laws that I must obey, today, tomorrow, and another day. It is their laws that I must obey for them. They say it is not slavery and that they do not own me. Yet, they own the things I must get from them and then I must call them my friend. They gave me nothing for free. I can’t even speak up against them; even though they say I have free will. The very free will I have they claim have limits; imposed on me.

I walk to work because my car doesn’t work and I have no money to repair it. They say it is my fault for not having any value at all. I reach work late, they say I am out of date and they don’t need me anymore. So there it goes, they shut the door on my face of which they don’t want to see. So now I decide to join the army. What else can I do? They teach me to kill others that are like me. They say they are different than me; no matter how much they look like me. I shoot and shoot and kill many for my country. But yet I am confused that it is my country. I said to them I do not own any land and I do not own anything. How can it be my country? They said it is mine, because they own me. And the cage they put me in is my country. I turn around with the gun in hand and point it directly at them, as I stand. They say what are you doing? Have you gone mad? I said, no I am just sad.

I said, I love your technology!