One of the greatest scientific discoveries was understanding DNA.  Megan was always intrigued about finding where her family came from.  They occasionally debated on whether they were part Italian or part Irish, because of their strong features.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t explain their cousins who had a nice deep tan during the summer months with their asian eyes.  They betted the tan showed that they had some African in them.  It’s this mystery that got Megan to join an organization to provide clarity of who they were.

In the busy city afternoon, near the beach shore, she handed out numerous flyers to passerby’s.   She was near the famous pizza shop where the lines to enter were long and were filled with anxious customers, waiting to order their slice.  They didn’t care too much about Megan’s flyers, not when they were hypnotized by the aroma, but they took the flyers anyway.  Her handouts were almost gone when she reached the end of the line.  She, too, was, also, taken by the aroma and was tempted to join the line, but saw the hot dog stand across the street and decided to finish over there.

“One hot dog please, with everything on it”.  Megan folded the few flyers she had left and shoved it into her bag.  The attendant handed her a hot dog with just mustard and gave her order to a man standing next to her.

“No, he has my order.  I paid for that.”  Megan said.  The man gave a nod agreeing and they switched hot dogs.

“Sorry about that.”  The man said as they walked away from the cart.

“No worries. “  Megan grabbed a flyer out of her bag to hand to him.

“Hey wait, take one of these.”  Megan said stumbling with her hot dog in one hand and the flyer in the other.

“Oh, yes, I saw you handing those flyers out.  What’s it about?”  The man had a warm smile admiring her clumsiness, which Megan took note of and blushed.

Handing the flyer over to him, she said “your identity, read”.

He glanced at it skimming it over and said, “interesting.  Have you found your identity through this?”

“I’m in the process.  They have trips to various countries, where we can dig further into finding our ancestors.”  Megan couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

“By the way, I’m Tom.”

“Megan, nice to meet you.”

“I think you got me curious.  I’ve always wanted to take those DNA tests, but wasn’t sure how accurate they really are.  But if your organization digs further and are hands on, I’m very interested.”  Tom grinned, passing his eyes over her fully.

“Please come to our next event.  You’ll see what I mean.”  Megan blushed.

“I will, but I don’t know if I can make the very next event.  What about another time?  Can I get your number, so you can tell me all about it?”  Tom hesitantly studied her expression.  “Or I can give you mine.”

“Sure I can take yours on the sign up sheet.  We can send you information.  I go to practically everyone of them.”  Megan said as she watched him place his info on her sign up sheet.

“Okay, see you.”  Tom walked away glancing back at her with admiration.

Megan was completely flushed.  When he was out of sight, she took a deep breath walking slower than normal, finishing her handouts and taking quick glances at her reflection from the store fronts.  She was dressed in comfortable sweats and regretted it.  Tom, she thought, couldn’t possibly admire her with her belly fat.  It was back to the gym for her.

Tom never showed up at the next three events.  Their attraction was not real, Megan thought.  She had lost all that weight for nothing.  She was tempted to call him, but was scared that the organization will find out that she was using the list for personal means.  She regretted asking him to sign the list instead of just taking the number for herself.  Now, that she thought about it, the whole thing was madness.  Of course, she could call him.  It was her nerves, just her nerves and the fear of getting into another relationship.  The last one was horrid.

“Come on girl, let’s do it.”  Megan said to herself, pacing back and forth in her living room.  She dialed his number.  On the first ring, he answered.

“Hello?”  It sounded like Tom, Megan paused.

“Hello?”  Tom said, not hearing anything and ready to hang up.

“Hi.  It’s Megan.  You met me…  Um, we met at…”

“The hot dog stand.  Yes, I remember.  Hey, how are you doing?”  Tom said.

Megan was relieved.  She had done it.  The deed of calling after a few months, inviting him once again to another event.  She wasn’t ready for a one on one personal thing, nothing that would lead to romance.  She just wasn’t ready.

“I would love to attend.  I had to admit I didn’t think you were interested.  You didn’t call and I didn’t have your number.  But I’m glad you called.”  Tom said.