Two years of marriage had gone by with two little children.  Megan found herself again where she started with Tom, reflecting back on the organization she used to belong to, wondering what diseases ran in her family.  She sat in her courtyard as her children played.  Tom on the phone, talking business.

“Honey, please put that away.  Today’s for family.”  Megan said.

“Sorry Hun.”  Tom wrapped up his conversation and place the phone down.

“Look we need to talk about this.  The kids are going to need additional care.”  Megan continued to watch the children play as she spoke.

“I’ve been looking into it.  It appears we are not alone.  There’s a group of people who have children with the same conditions and we may be able to join them in a class action suit.”  Tom said.

“What?  What are you saying?”  Megan had now given him his full attention.

“There was something on the news.  Some drugs that we may have taken could have contributed to their health issues.  This group, have more information.  I’ve contacted them to meet with and share.  Do you want to go with me?”  Tom asked.

Megan shook her head no.  She didn’t want to hear any stories of what she was living through.  “I can do my research from home.  But let me know.  Did they say what drug?”

“Megan, it could be a combination of drugs.  They are leaning towards some performance enhancement drugs, steroids.”  Tom said remembering the ones he took during his body building days.

“Steroids?  All kinds?  A specific kind?”  Megan questioned, remembering her surgeries and medications she took.  “There are steroids in many things.  How can that be a problem?”

“I believe they said it’s the kind and the amount of dosage that matters.  Usually with major surgery and ongoing usage.  It’s all my fault.”  Tom said with overwhelming guilt.

“What are you talking about?”  Megan took a sip of her wine.

“I used steroids when I was trying to make myself better, firm up, more muscles.  Stuff like that.”  Tom confessed.

Megan didn’t blink, but looked away from him and back at the kids.  “It’s not just you.  I had a nose job and some work, because I thought you wouldn’t be interested.  I’m guilty too.”

“Megan, why would you even think that?”  Tom was shocked.

“We’re both guilty Tom, so stop trying to push it on me.”  Megan snapped.

“No, I’m not.  I just thought you know I like you just the way you are.”  Tom sat back in his chair staring up at the sky.  He was in no fighting mood.  He felt defeated.

Two days later, Tom walked into the house with some papers, and with excitement.  He waited for Megan to put the kids down for a nap.

“You look cheerful, more than usual.  What’s the news?”  Megan said looking at his papers.

“These are legal documents.  A class action suit just starting.  I think we should join the suit. “  Tom grinned.

“What for?  We are responsible.  No one told us to do what we didn’t have to.”  Megan sat next to him.

“That’s not the point.  There’s a plant that is used in these steroids and other drugs.  It’s what they believe caused the problem.  Some plant from the East, an herb they normally use as a tea.”  Tom said.

“A tea?  How can that be harmful?”  Megan asked.

“It’s not harmful in its raw natural state.  It’s used there as a wonder drug.  They drink the tea when things ail them.  But these drug companies of ours use it with other products, in combination with other drugs, and chemically manipulated.  That’s where the problem is.”  Tom showed her the articles of disclosure.

“I don’t know Tom, what are our chances of winning this lawsuit?  Is this the first lawsuit, the only one?”  Megan skimmed over the other paperwork.

“No, but we could win.  They never told us of the warnings and risks involved in those drugs,” Tom explained.

“Did the other cases win?  That’s my question.”  Megan persisted.

“No, not against the company that produces the raw plant.  Supposedly they claim that they did not sell it with manipulation and that other countries have their own governance on drugs that they are not responsible for.  But we can still go after our drug companies.  They shouldn’t be experimenting with other people’s bodies like that.

Megan shook her head in astonishment.  “What you’re telling me is that this plant in its raw form helps people and that this country used it in a manipulative way causing it to harm people, because the people wanted to make changes from their original state of being?”

“Well, yes.  That’s what happened.  But it’s really no ones fault, but the companies.  They should have used due diligence in their research before putting it out in the market.”  Tom explained.

“Tom!”  Megan grew furious.  “You’re not getting it.  We are all to blame.  We who wish to change our looks, enhance ourselves, change our identity.  Look how crazy this is.  We started out looking for who we are, where we came from through our DNA.  We’ve learned that we have a lot of the East in us, in our DNA.  We are from the East somewhere down the line.  We used products from the East, manipulated it, to change ourselves to appear different than who we are.  And that, Tom, is what did it!  Those drugs hurt us, where we couldn’t see it until we had children.  And it hurt our children; that’s where we saw what we have done wrong.  It’s those drugs that made us lose our identity.”

“Megan, calm down.  I don’t want you to wake the kids.”  Tom held her close.

“I can’t.”  Megan whimpered.

“We need to do this class action suit for no other reason, but to cause awareness.  You’re right.  We need to accept and love one another as we are without enhancements or changes to our bodies.  We were wrong and others were wrong including those companies.  Someone has to pay for it.”  Tom whispered trying to ease her grievance, but Megan just cried.