The next event, she wore a dress that boasted her figure.  She was proud to reach her ideal weight and was determined for Tom to see how hard she had worked, but there was no Tom.  The room was crowded and she sat near the window, on the side where she told him she would be, but there was no Tom.  Instead there was Rick, who sat next to her, pushing his real estate deals he had and how he was looking for investors.

The presentation was over and Megan had learned a lot about investing in real estate.  With Rick’s business card in hand, she left the auditorium into the lounge.  There she saw Tom talking to another women, a full figured one at that.  Smiling, laughing, and enjoying himself with her, Megan wondered if it was a mistake to lose her weight.  She waved at him, catching his attention.

“I didn’t know if you made it.”  Megan said to him when he approached.

“I said I would, but unfortunately I missed the presentation.  I couldn’t get into the auditorium.”  Tom said handing her a drink.

“Well, I’m glad you’re here.  I had to sit next to a real estate agent.  I, now, know all about real estate and investing in a ‘lucrative’ deal.”  Megan laughed.

Well, I wouldn’t knock him for that.  I hear real estate is a good way to go.”  Tom said.

“Yeah?  Well, according to him, this property he indicated to me was the best investment for anyone to get into.”  Megan handed Tom the info.  He raised one of his eyebrows with interest.

“I have to say, it looks good.  Maybe we should check it out one day.”  Tom said.

“Really?”  Megan wasn’t expecting him to take her seriously.

“I’m asking for us to get out of here.  What do you think?”  Tom whispered.

Megan grinned and shook her head in agreeance.  “Sure we can take a look at that property.  What about now?”

Their date turned into an investment deal, far from what she was expecting.  She rode in his car, talking and admiring him some more.  But his stares were working her mind.  She had thought her weight loss would be more appealing and he didn’t seem to mind, but there was something that she felt him staring at.  It was what she was always teased about a lot as a child, her nose.  It always made a statement, for it was the very first thing that people saw, her big nose.  Uncomfortable, she continued her date with fake interest and wondered how could she keep Tom interested with the nose she had.  It wouldn’t hurt to get a nose job, and while at it fuller lips, she thought.  This way if she lost the chance with Tom, she wouldn’t have to go through this again with anyone else.

Weeks later, they were involved not only personally, but with a viable business investment.  A win win for both of them.  A small apartment rental complex was confirmation that there was a future, as far as Megan can see.  Her investment in her nose, lip and weight loss was the right thing to do.

Tom felt the pressure to make the next step of moving in together.  The business kept them more than busy, with very little down time for personal activity.  He was afraid that she was losing interest with his nerdy business behavior and his inferior complex of not measuring up to the standard boldness of a real man.  The drive to the next investment project was his chance to see if she was willing to move forward with him.

He pulled into a vacant lot on an acre of land with her in the passenger seat of his Maserati.

“This is it.  Our next venture.”  He unbuckled, but remained seated.

“Looks good.”  Megan said as she sat nervously.  She sensed that there was something else he wanted to tell her.  She recognized when he gets nervous about something that was important.  This was it, she was certain, this was the place where he was going to propose.

“And I wanted to ask you something.  I guess you can feel it too.”  Tom said as he reached over to her and gave her a kiss, feeling a bit foolish and awkward.  His glasses fell over into her lap. He needed to calm himself, but he was still nervous. 

“Sorry.  These things, I guess I need to invest in some contact lens.”  They laughed.  “I just thought we are at a very special place right now and we need to take the next step.”

Megan took a deep breath.  “I agree.”

“So you’re thinking the same thing?  That we should move in together?”  Tom asked.

Megan was embarrassed.  She was thinking marriage and of course he was just not on the same page.

“I agree.”  Megan said drone-like.  She didn’t want to show her disappointment.

Tom felt it though, felt her disappointment.  He was going to make it up to her; lose his glasses with laser surgery and get back in the gym with a little help from some steroids, to be the man she would be proud to be around.  He wanted her to be comfortable to be seen with him as her official love interest and not as just a business partner.