Tick tock time for a new clock.

When the time of life comes, most people want to run.  If they can find a place to hide away or somewhere to save them, they will.  But to others, it’s a foolish gesture.  Facing the inevitable is what matters.  The face of something terrible eventually fades away and is replaced with something wonderfully new.


Father Time has discovered what was always there, Mother Earth.  She had developed something in the earth that sustains.  A little drop of it goes along way.

They say once it is absorbed into the skin it latches on and changes everything.  The molecular structure moves in such a way that it dances.

The drops come in the form of rain, saturating everything, everywhere.  It’s nothing to fear.  It’s just removing the time bomb that sits inside the people everywhere, who waits for their day of rest.  Don’t get me wrong, we all must rest, but when that day comes it comes much easier.  The aged is ageless, the pain is painless.  Simply it’s a slow down to your rest and no longer a blast to the end.