The windy storm blew in the night, a fabulous invigorating feeling. It was a breath of fresh air that took over me, deep in my throat, down through my body and elevating my skin to a new rejuvenation. It did move me off my feet. I have to say it, I was quite taken by it. I wasn’t feeling up to anything, down from a dreary day of worries and then up from the demands of the elements. It was as if it was leading me somewhere, but I had nowhere in mind.

I took a few light steps, not actually touching the ground and definitely not making a sound. I was one with the breeze with my head up and my eyes squinting and with a soft whisper of a smile. Gliding, imagining wings and taking a leap into the air; I dared to sprint into the storm. But it moved me from side to side and brought me back down; and again I did the glide. Dancing was on my mind.

It required focus and determination. And most importantly it required trust. The trust I needed within myself to stay on course and deliver well. I moved again, much quickly and lighter than before, making sure I did not touch the floor. With ease I glided with my hands out twisting and swerving all about, quicker and quicker with such speed. I barely saw the trail behind me. For now it appears that I’ve turned into something much clearer, than one can see. It was as if I had become something else, besides me.

Grains of sand, with a little tan and brown and bits of grey. I picked up everything that did not melt away. I was much lighter than anything that I have been. I was the new happening. My form has changed from combined to unwind and freed up my being of never dying.

The task has, now, set upon me to move from here to there; from the world within to the world out there. But better yet, I’ve developed a sense of exploration and a need of security. From this I gain much more of here within and there, over there. I see far much further that I can begin, a never ending solution to live from within. I move quickly into the wind and make the storm bigger, than how it had begun. I moved passed the skies and beyond this earth to look upon another, which I had landed in silence. I’m afraid I had not dragged about anything that doesn’t belong. It’s more like I’ve formulated into less than a breeze, but a song. Slowly changing from grains of sand back to what I am. Combining myself yet again, to walk upon a new earth and to give birth; to such a new life.

I breathe again from within. The invigorating wind had passed. Again I will last.