The New Spades

It has been many years that the Serpent remained in the walls of the vines, she stayed in.  Her skin had collected much dirt from the dust and now as scaly as she had once been.  She had turned back into the Serpent, waiting for a day to be released.

The little girl, all dressed in black, said she is going to wear this color for half a day and then change into a bright sunny yellow for the other half a day.  Her people were glad to hear what she had to say, for they knew what to expect on this very special day.

The Queen of Ace had two celebrations to take in one day.  She invited the true Queen of Hearts for the color yellow day.  The Queen of Hearts wanted to get a look at the person who took her place.  She looked at the Serpent Queen and wondered how she could have been.  Everyone was in black the first half a day and gathered around the fence where the Serpent laid.

“Off with her head!” Yelled the Queen of Ace.  It was time to take the head off the snake who liked to take other peoples place.  “And hurry it up, I have a wedding to partake!  And, oh, skin her alive!  That will make my day.”  And so it happened for that half day.  The Serpent Queen was no More, she had parted ways.

It was then a yellow day.  The Queen of Ace, all dressed in yellow, had to prepare to marry a charming fellow.  It was the young prince from the land of the Queen of Spades.  It was true, the two will become one, today.  True love wins over what will become yesterday.

The Queen of Hearts, the Queen of Ace, and the Queen of Spades rejoiced for this happy day.  It’s a point in history where the end becomes the beginning of the future that is here to stay.