The Black Ace

It was supposed to be all that she needed.  She was wealthy, young, and living forever.  The Serpent Queen combined the land of the Hearts and Diamonds and called it the land of the Mores.  Her people loved her.  She treated them well.  She indeed had magic, for the people were under her spell.  Yet, she knew it wasn’t real magic, like the ones she’s heard about.  

The Serpent Queen was tired of pretending to be good, nice, and loving.  She wanted to be herself and still rule.  She wanted people to worship her and most importantly she wanted to expand her land.  The Queen of Ace was going to be her new place.  Half of a world was a small part, for her.  There was much to see, where the Diamond couldn’t reflect.  There was the deepness of the jungle, where she heard of mystical treasures.  Unexplainable things were there that had the answers to the universe.  She needed more, for her ultimate plan was to explore and see the vastness of the galaxy and beyond the stars.  In order to do that, she needed to be the best.  Better than the Queen of Ace.

She was defeated with the thought of it.  There was no way she can win over the Queen of Ace.  She was the Black Queen who was built to last.  You will never recognize her, because she mixed in with her people, with no palace, no jewels, no face to place her.  There was no way she will find her in the deep dark jungle.

The only thing that was to do, was to set her devoted to burn it all down.  “Clear the forest!”  The Serpent Queen commanded.  If she didn’t know who this Black Queen was, then they will all die.  What will be left behind would be the secrets of the universe.  It’s all she ever needed.

The fire started in the pitch dark of the night.  People ran about not knowing where they were going; running into danger at every moment.  While the Serpent Queen sleep in serenity, the forest was cleared.

It was time to visit the devastation.  She walked through the clearing of the forest with her men at her side, sifting through the ashes for the most powerful treasure.  But all she found were the smeared dirty faces of the survivors, staring at her and cursing her.  The Serpent Queen saw but one face, that was filled with laughter amongst the devastation.  She asked the little girl “what’s so funny?”  The little girl replied, “I know why the bell rings.  It’s to shatter your dreams from within.  The Queen of Ace is taking your place.  She has broken down your Land of Mores and planted seeds with spores, creating a fence and keeping you indoors.  You’ll be trapped with the walls of vines.  You’re fenced in!”  The little girl burst out and the Serpent Queen looked confused and all about.  

The little girl was right, she was trapped in.  Her men couldn’t get her out of the clearing.  What was once a forest of the Land of Ace, was now fenced in with spores from seeds that grew into  vines, fencing her in.  She thought there was no way she will get to see the galaxy.  The fence had torn her very young skin.  The thorns and spores from the seed of death, appeared to have collected what made her young.  It absorbed her mink oils, and scratched the surface of her diamond.  Her men fell down to the ground, where the people trampled on.  

The Serpent Queen yelled “where is your Queen?  Where is the Queen of Ace?  I am sorry for trying to take her place.”  But the little girl laughed louder and said “I am the Queen of Ace and I am not sorry you tried to take my place.  I’ve waited for many years for you to find me and try to take from me.  I was waiting for this day of the end and the new beginning.”

“Please let me out.  I will never return again.  I thought I could live here and be your friend.”  Pleaded the Serpent Queen.

The little girl walked away and planted more seeds, closer and closer around the Serpent.  She grinned.