My Heart

Once upon a time there were four queens.  The Queen of Hearts, the Queen of Ace, the Queen of Diamonds, and the Queen of Spades.  They lived in one world ruling the four corners with bells and wishes granted by magic.  The bells punished and the wishes awarded.  Ruling was sometimes difficult, because the people argued over frivolous matters that they rather not address.  But the people weren’t their only concern, the single most important thing is to sustain their natural resources, which they did very well.  

Then one day came the Serpent Queen and she was amazed of all that she had seen.  The lavish lifestyles, the abundance of minerals and jewels, much of which didn’t exist where she came from.

The Queen of Hearts didn’t know of the Serpent Queen and lived in a very precarious part.  It was the corner of the world where the soil was shallow and infertile.  It didn’t grow much fruits or vegetables; very little to speak of.  Yet, it didn’t matter, because it was maintained by love.   They were wealthy with other things called silks and minks and they traded their things with the other lands.  It was called the Queens parting.  

The Serpent Queen knew what it liked from what it has seen.  It was the minks that caught her eye.  Those wonderful creatures who guarded their territory of the Queen of Hearts domain.  It reminded her of herself living in her castle on the hump of the island, where her protectors, the sea serpents, laid.  She made a plan and with fantasizing magic in one hand, she decided to steal the Hearts real jewel, magic.  It was much needed to use, to capture the Heart’s precious minks.  The Hearts part were also well guarded with red arms, the mighty military that feared nothing, not even a bleeding Heart.  Love is all they needed to repair a minor tear of the greatest muscle of all.

It was the dark oil that the mink possess.  The Serpent Queen knew it as a potion.  She was determined to make a lotion and make a younger, softer skin than her old scaly one.  In the waters she went, swimming with rhythm under the ripples.  As she got closer to the Hearts palace, she heard the drums of the beating Hearts.  A celebration was in play, the rhythm of the beats made her feel a certain way.  But her plan was still here to stay, she shed her skin and shaped herself from within to appear as if she was the Queen of Hearts they all love.

From there on, it was easy to do.  She declared the real Queen as a fraud and set her fate to replace her part, on an island in a castle of a scaly kind.  To live out her life with a cloudy mind.

She painted her skin with the minks oil, lotioning everyday to prevent the scale from resurfacing.