“I’m not a failure.  I can do what I can.”  Bashi repeated those words to herself with her eyes still closed.  Her bed was small.  Her mother had tightened the blanket around her, preventing her from making much movement.  She kept still trying to close her eyes to learn some more of the lessons that her mother left for her.  But her eyes couldn’t close.  She was tired, but couldn’t sleep for she felt a draft.  She moved her heal about and got her left heal stuck in an opening.  The blanket was no good, she thought.  Her blanket, to most, was her cocoon.

Bashi unraveled herself as she twisted and turned for her release.  Her blanket, white and stiff, was too rigid.  It had broken near a crack.  Someone had cracked it.  The cocoon was still hanging next to her sisters.  She started looking for them, but their cocoon had already been opened and was empty.  They didn’t bother to wait for her, probably they were in their new home by now.  But where, she didn’t know.

Her blanket wasn’t as thick as she thought, she could still hear her mothers lessons from afar.  Her cocoon, was sheer, where she could see right through it.  It was made from what surrounded her there.  She saw past the trees, in the distance, a perfect spot for her new home.  Somewhere she was sure no one would crack her cocoon.

She looked down, letting out a sigh of aggravation.  It was a long way down she had to climb.  Her naked skin was too delicate to rub against the tree with so many stories branching out.  Unfortunately, it was the only way to go.  Naked and alone she pinched at each nib on the tree crawling down, desperately trying to minimize the scratches on her body.

“Wow.”  Bashi smiled as her feet touched the dirt ground.  It was soft and warm, much better than her cocoon.  It made her feel different too.  Her muscles was stronger.  She stood up looking again in the distance for her security.  She could see it and felt rejuvenated with hope.

She kept her pace, sometimes walking and sometimes crawling.  Her legs building, her eyes seeing everything, and her arms reaching out feeling everything she could.  She had now developed a certain walk, swaying her hips from side to side with a big smile.  The brightness of the sky made her feel even sweeter, stronger.  She didn’t need any cocoon.  Her blanket was a thing of the past.  The beauty of the flowers that surrounded her was her new cocoon.  She just had to decide which one.

“I see you.”  Bashi said to a pink glowing flower with thick textured green leaves.  It moved towards her, holding out a stem, which Bashi caressed with her cheeks.  She liked the feel.  It was soft as cotton.  She plucked two and wrapped it around her making her dress, much better than her blanket.  The pink flower giggled.

“You look funny in that.  Here.”  The flower gave her a an inner petal, which was a golden color.

“It will make the leaves from falling off.”  The pink flower said.

Bashi looked in a raindrop to see herself.  The gold and green did suit her well.

“Thank you so very much.”  Bashi said.

“Your mighty welcome.  Good travel.”  The flowery pink said.

Bashi continued with her journey.  Her walk was too strong, for the leaves began to loosen and fall.  She picked it up and placed it on her back, feeling it was much better to not lose it during her journey.  She could fix it later.  The golden petal clung tight.  She was glad for that, for now she was much aware of how her body was developing and would feel a little embarrassed if she was still her naked self.

The gold petal shined, containing the heat from the sun, making her warm all over.  It was indeed a magical petal with special powers to warm her inner soul.  It was a magical world she was in, petals have special powers.  She wondered what the orange petal would do as she plucked one, placing it on her back to carry.

The orange petal that was on her back came through to the other side, her front, sitting somewhere in her body.  She felt something move.  It was a strange thing, this orange petal.  Was it life that it gave?  Yes, indeed she felt lively, much more energy.  It was a magical world she was surely in.

Nearly there, she saw the sun in the distance wondering where it was going.  It had a place to go, too.  Somewhere where there’s security, she thought.  She and the sun was going the same place with the same purpose, to live again.

“Ouch,”  Bashi stumbled nearly fallen to the ground.  She stumped her feet on a protruding root in the ground, nearly dropping her leaves.  They hovered near the ground, but did not fall.  Straightening the leaves up on her back she pulled the root up, leveling the ground and then adding it among the leaves.

She saw her tree, her security.  It was indeed beautiful to see, now that she was getting closer.  Every bit of history was there, its branches, its leaves, its posture, its positioning in the grand forest.  It spoke to every living thing everywhere and they listened, loving every interesting story.

“Oh, no!”  Bashi said, realizing that she may be sinking.  She had stepped in a bunch of purple crumbled stone.  Weird looking thing she was in, but quite soothing.  Her feet had a wonderful massage.  She scooped some up, now realizing she wasn’t sinking, nor was she bleeding.  As a matter of fact, she was going to come back for more.  She planned to build her new home stronger with it.  It was going to be her new fortress within her tree of her new life.

The sun was down now, but light was still out.  It wasn’t the sun that gave light or any life.  It was the energy that she carried within her.  She was not dependent on anything.  In fact she was independent, self-sustaining, and had earned what was no longer apart.

At the root of her tree, she looked up wondering how she would climb up with so many things on her back to carry.  Shaking from side to side, waiting for everything to fall off her back to test her climb, but nothing fell.  She took her hands and reached for her leaves trying to pull them off, but she only saw that the color had turned from mixing with the gold petals, the purple dust of the stone, the orange petals, the dark brown root lining the leaves.  It was an interesting combination indeed.

Frustrated she tried to pull it off again, but nothing but strength whipping the leaves back in the air, spreading wide and flapping.  Startled to see herself elevate into the air, she smiled.  She was going to the top of the tree, by flying in the air.  The combination made herself magical, complete from head to toe.  Her magic harnessed deep inside her, strengthened her brain, elevated her body to her secure place, she called home.

She was indeed a new species which she had transcended into.  A wonderful being of everlasting life.

There, on top of her tree in her new home, she looked back to see her history of how she came to be.