Diamonds are Forever

It’s been many years that have past.  The Serpent Queen now poses as the precious Heart.  She enjoyed every bit of it.  Never growing old with her mink oil.  Never dying with all the love around her, keeping her beating heart.  Yet, there was something missing.  It was fame and much needed attention.  It was more, that she needed.  More of this and more of that.  She needed to feel worthy and more land to be a part of.

The Serpent Queen parted silk to what she called the mean, old, cold hearted Diamond on the falls.  It was the Queen of Diamonds living on the lush land of make believe.  The cut of the Diamond Palace had many facets, showing what can be, if you just imagine it.  And Serpent imagined.  She imagined all the world as hers.  She imagined all the people to pamper her.  She imagined imagining more and more.

Then a plan festered in her.  It stirred deep within her heart.  She grinned and then began to start.  A traveling plan from the heartland to the rough terrain, past the falls onto the Land of Diamonds and the fields of the plains.  Things weren’t going to be the same.  She had a future planned out without any hiccup, it will be.  The Queen of Diamonds must not see her plan.  She sought out to dig up a hard core dirty more.  It’s called a diamond in the rough, filled with some crazy stuff.

Hidden beneath her cape, she escaped into the woods, past the forest, near the falls, and into the cave of the golden walls.  There she dug into the walls and found the greatest diamond of all.  It showed her future and how it will fall.  Her only salvation was to replace the Queen of Diamonds and take all.  

She walked amongst the peasants still covered in a dirty cape, humming to herself of her fantasized great escape.  It was going to be easy after all, the Queen of Diamonds was hated by all.  They chanted over and over again and again that the Queen must fall.  You see the diamonds were used for finding treasures at any cost.  It showed the secret paths hidden away and many had destroyed themselves so the Queen of Diamond can declare that she is on top of the core of the Land of Mores.

She walked right up to the hard core Diamond Palace and knocked very hard, trying to scratch the surface of the clear double door.  The Serpent Queen took a big step back as she saw through the door an exaggerated cold eyes looking back at her.  “Who is that?”  The Diamond Queen  yelled, knowing full well that the door was sound proof.  Then she turned around and began to walk away, but stopped midway.  It was the Serpent Queen who started to smear her dirty cape all over the diamond door.  It was dirt that the Queen of Diamonds couldn’t stomach anymore.  She sprung open the double door and yelled, “Get out of my entrance, you’re not welcome here anymore!”  

There’s her chance to keep in place her plan at a steady pace.  Quickly, she plunged her hand straight through the chest of the Diamond Queen and pulled out her cold heart.  Here lies the beginning of the start of her new life, replacing the Queen of Diamond on the Land of the Mores.  She whispered to herself, “forever more”, as she walked through the palace with her new image of herself, looking like the Diamond Queen in every reflection.  But instead she was going to be more than the past, she wasn’t planning to be mean and unseen.  She was going to be the wealthiest queen that anyone has ever seen.

She closed the double doors and began to explore the worldly treasures behind the diamond doors.