I am your name
After all you acquired me
You’ve stolen from me
From my land, from my song, from all that I am
I am me and I am you
I’m afraid I am you and you are me and you can’t stay
I live in the corner of the pockets of the earths
I am the sun and the day, before I turn into the night
I am before and after without the fright
I am everywhere and nowhere until I surface again and forever again
I am universal to me and to what I will naturally be
You see the elements made me, naturally
I can form into anything, but I prefer to be me
My people know their name and it is the same
As everyone’s name, that they call themselves
It is the name you utter from your lips,
choosing your own identity
I am the energy that creates and recreates into a living being
I am unforeseen
There is no need of me dying for you, for you will die for me
I am you and you are me naturally,
and I am me universally