The events of today can lead to the events of tomorrow. And what is today is the result of yesterday. Or is it? The theory that everything is connected can be readily seen. But what is unseen and untracked, may be the most important and menacing thing that people should be aware of.

As far as the theory of breaking the chain of events to change the future; we can look at that more deeply. For a fact, if you change one person’s actions in a chain of events, we can conclude the future may change. But it calls for more dynamics, in that one person may not change the events that will change the future. For it may be true that the elements, factors, must be considered.

The strength of energies must be considered, if one person has enough energy to change the future then the future may change. But if that one person does not possess enough energy, then the future will not change. It may be that other energy sources (or other life forms with energy) that are in the chain of events may have to change their course, in order for change to occur.

For example, a man who tries to stop his girlfriend from crossing the street because he knows she will be struck by a car; he may find that the event may not change if he prevents his girlfriend from crossing that street. He must change other energy sources, such as the person giving her the ice cream, or the policeman giving someone a ticket, or a baby crying in a stroller, or so on. All the events that are taking place around the girlfriend must be changed in order for her not to be killed.

The theory is that these life forms interact with one another and sends signals to one another causing a chain of events. Like computers talking to one another. The signal must be broken several places for the event or tragedy (end result) to stop taking place. This brings in the factor of natural and unnatural components.

Changing the events of unnatural life must be done as a collective; while changing the events of natural life can be done individually. Natural life interact with one another but are independent of one another. Unnatural life interacts with one another and are dependent of one another; like a particular line of energy source or component.

Thus a particular bloodline that is conceived unnaturally must be broken at various places in order to change future events. Natural bloodline will act independently and does not need to be broken at various points.

Unnatural beings are driven to find the missing connections that should be there, if they were natural. Because unnatural beings are beings that are manipulated from its natural state, it lacks genuine continuity.

Which brings to explain the difference between natural and unnatural beings. Natural beings are beings that have components that naturally select one another, making itself one or a whole. Unnatural beings involves beings, where their components are manipulated to accept one another to make a whole.

An example can be told in a simple case story.

The Case: The Town
In the Town near the Rumpert River an epidemic broke out. A contagion cooked up by their mortal enemy on the other side of the river. The towns people took to the disease quite rapidly, leaving a death toll of 90% of the population. The ones that survived barely knew that there was anyone left; for they had barricaded their doors from any intrusion.

Days after when the fogged cleared and the sun lit brightly, they escaped into the open air searching for any life. Finding what few who had been left behind, they gathered to plan their revenge against their mortal enemy. With just 10% of their people, they elected a decision for their one scientists to re-create more of their own kind through the form of test tube babies. Labs, in the spirit of hope to build their population once again and wreak havoc on the land across the river of Rumpert.

Time had come for the great attack. They cooked up a suffocating pox of a disease to spread on the other side of the river. But before they could invoke their treacherous pox, they themselves became victim of it. It caused many to be plagued with serious illness. The pox, which they had many times before endured through the will of their natural viability, had now become their deadly fate. For they were no more able to fight it off naturally with their unnatural selves from re-creation. The pox which had once rooted from their very natural existence could have very well been a deadly weapon against the land across the river, who themselves naturally could not tolerate it; for they were of a different kind.

Now the plague continued to destroy them. They hurried to draw blood from their 10% of natural beings, to assist in the 90% of their re-created unnatural beings. But to their fate, they were too late. Once again they fell hard, but this time from their own hands. They never learned how to break the chain of their fate. If they had, they would have learned to start building their population naturally and not unnaturally. Their quick thinking of creating from the lab more people, caused them to be subject to dependency on the blood of the few; instead of the blood of the all.