A great man said, as old as his living days were;
“My leader did not come from up above.  My leader is on the very earth I live and has always been here.”

I smiled.  For I’ve heard some say, their leader came from up above.  In the heavens.  Far away from them.  An alien of some sort, not at all from the very earth they walk on.

The old great man said, “those people who wish to draw attention to themselves, as if they possess powers that are superior, not of this earth.  Will find themselves detached from the very elements that sustains them.  They should ask themselves, do they want to depend on their superior leader that doesn’t walk amongst them?  Or do they want to surrender to the very natural life forms, they need to survive?”

“Life forms?”  I say.  “Why would the natural life forms want to help such people who disregard them?”

“Indeed.”  Said the old great man.  “Indeed.  Why would any natural life forms want to help any being that disregard them?”

It is those words I was left with, not knowing truly if these people who disregard natural life would indeed be helped.  Or, are their days numbered, in such a way, with such mystery, that there is no telling of the truth that lies beneath.  Will their foreign leader from up above be able to save them from the elements here on earth, without destroying them?  Is that even possible?

I shook my head, “no”.  It isn’t possible.  What foreign being from up above can save people here on earth, with himself unable to touch the earth without infection?  Without exposing himself to the very elements his people have infected themselves with?  Without turning into the very people he wish to protect and becoming a mere mortal?