Not a natural element that your body could encounter: toxic waste.
A natural element that your body is composed of: water.

So why do you think people have built a cultural system that destroys this important element?

There was a time when the drinking water was clean and provided all of the necessary nutrients that your body needs. But it wasn’t during my lifetime and it may not be during the next generation’s life time. It’s sad but it’s the truth. With technology and greed, man learn to abuse the natural resources that they need in order to survive. If they see life for the taking and not for appreciating, then they may never know the true value of what these natural resources can bring.

Now that water is treated with chemicals, how can we truly call it water? To me it is no more than a solution labeled “water”. In those cases where it is tagged as “water”, they sell it in stores or you pay for it through your water bill. When did they begin to put a price tag on water? And who says that anyone can exclusively own it? Your body is made up of over 70% of water. I would think that it is a necessity for survival. It has brought mankind to the point that their very lives has been tagged and is for sale through the means of water. If you don’t think this is cruel and unjust, then I just don’t know what kind of man you really are? As far as I know, all living things NEED water in order to survive.

We must ask ourselves, what’s next? Air? Seeds to grow food? Land to live on? Oh, excuse me, these things are already priced and tagged. It is everything that we need in order to live that has a cost. But should it? I guess one can argue that if it doesn’t have a cost, man will abuse it. I suppose that argument is valid. But man is already abusing the natural resources WITH cost; for greed plays a factor. If no one owns these natural resources and it was left up to man to provide and consume on their own, I believe there would be abuses. For we are all individuals and we are all different. There will always be amongst us those that are greedy. What makes it worse is that selected members of mankind owns these natural resources; and now we must rely on their character. We don’t know if they are greedy or if they are fair. We don’t know if they are making the right decisions FOR everyone. Because there are so many different kinds of people, there is no way these decisions will satisfy all of them.

If we left a bucket outside of our home to catch the rain water, do we even know if that water is even safe to drink? With the amount of pollution that goes through our water system and our air, anyone can easily guess that the bucket full of water can’t be clean. But is that bucket full of rain water cleaner than the treated water they sell to the people? That is the question.

The sludge, the sewage, the drugs, the chemicals, and so many other waste that goes through our water system for treatment; they can’t all be filtered out. How many chemicals can one use to treat other chemicals and waste materials? It’s just clear that the treatment of waste water is just not 100%. so what are we really putting in our body? What are we really washing our body with? We go to bathe to clean ourselves, but how clean are we really? And what kinds of chemicals are entering our pores. What kinds of chemicals are mixing with other drink products and other food products? Is it concentrated? Is it diluted? Who really knows the true effect?

Sometimes you may see on the news crazy circumstances that a fish that wouldn’t normally have three eyes now has three eyes. That the very living sea creatures are literally changing before OUR eyes. The sea creatures must endure the abuses of man and the pollution that we set to occupy in their waters, the very place where they live. To emphasize occupying their space, with our pollution. The very thought of this is cruel. What have they done to pollute where man lives?

If we do not appreciate other life, other living creatures; then we do not appreciate our own lives. It’s that simple. Man is not above all other creatures. All creatures that we live amongst share, to some degree, something from one another. Some people call it the circle of life; where one needs the other for something else. It’s when, in this process where one creature abuses the other in any way or form; that this circle system is unlawful. Unlawful, as it pertains to the natural laws of natural life. This is when the natural laws are broken, in the circle, and must be fixed. If it is not fixed, as soon as possible, then it may be too late to save all living creatures as we know it. But who or what living creature should bear the brunt of the punishment? Should it be the innocent or the perpetrators?

Man takes things for granted. They feel they can deplete the natural resources they depend on, which gives them their very life. When money and power takes over life and where abuses is part of an everyday culture, we have to conclude that the necessary evil is the system. People hear, just about everywhere, “save the environment”, but they are just not feeling it.

The water gets consumed through your mouth, but it also goes through your pores; the food you eat, and condenses through the air you breath.

People don’t have to live in the water, so why should they care? They just skim off from the ocean, treat it, and consume it. While the sea creatures are suffering, breathing in waste from chemicals, drugs, toxins, sludge, and toxic feces. When you hear that a male fish has developed female parts, because the pollution has affected its endocrine glands, you have to wonder what is it doing to people?

Punishment Untold: If man did not just live on top of land. If man LIVE in the sea and “breath” in the water as the sea creatures do; then would they act in the same manner that they are now? Do you think that the amount of pollution that exist today would exist, if they shared the same living space as the sea creatures? If there was a merging of man and sea creatures, would they have a better understanding and see the value of life for all creatures? I would guess yes; because at that point the abuses they inflict on other creatures would be inflicted on themselves with IMMEDIATE effect.

No longer would they have to wait to see the garbage floating on the sea shores. No longer would they have to wait for someone to protest against the abuses. No longer would they have to wait to SEE THEIR space polluted. The effect would be immediate. And too, as the death of some sea creatures, from pollution comes, their death will come just at the time of inception. At some point, when man is part of the immediate effect, they will then see the danger of their behavior; where they then would have to change it immediately.

This is simply common sense.

They would IMMEDIATELY SEE THEIR NEED TO LIVE WITH all other living creatures.