Watch out! The big wants to get bigger. What do you expect? That they should be happy with part of the pie and not all of the pie?

Mass production made it possible to produce goods for cheaper. But at what cost? And is it really cheaper?

Creating a factory to make more of things is not always the answer. More clothing at low-cost. More food to feed the hungry? Or really?

The answer isn’t mass production by way of factory settings. The answer is mass production by individual suppliers. Having corporation supply factory contents is detrimental to society and the environment. People do have more things that are readily available, but a lot of those things goes to waste. Why should they value the commodities they produce, when they took the little effort in making it? After all the big factory machine did all the work, while the people fed the machine. Oh, and don’t forget the people want to be protected against the big, bad machine. That is why they established the union to protect them against the abuses that is associated with the machines, such as CEO’s, long hours, low dividends, etc. Why should they be happy feeding the machines?

These machines, that they made, tells the people they are more important. They can produce more than the people, at a lower cost. “And soon, we would replace all of the people”, the machine says. Didn’t you know that machines can talk? But machines aren’t the only life form that can talk, animals can too. Well, not in the same manner that people do. You know what I mean? If you don’t, look at the mass production farming of the chickens and the eggs. When you see them go through the machines, as if they are not animals, you may not hear them cry out. Because the sight of the torture will consume you, unless of course you are heartless. But wait! Did the chicken come before the egg? Or in another way, did mankind come before the machine?

At what point did man say they are above all of the animals? At what point did they devalue other living things? At what point did they rationalize the mass production of animals? Who told them to eat too much? Who told them to create a society of abundance? At what point weren’t they satisfied with what was given to them through natural human effort? When did they not care?

Would they like some creature to mass produce mankind for their consumption, with abuse? Oh wait! But they did that through slavery. There was no ethics and morals involved in feeding themselves with greed.

chicken-2088824_1920At some point in time, mankind needs to realize that food should not be mass-produced in such a way. There should be a natural population of all animals. Go back to hunting for the game. It’s OK to eat plants that grows naturally in abundance. It’s OK to figure out what is good for your body. You shouldn’t resort to scientific experiments like mixing chemicals with food; to sustain the food for mass production. Building a Food and Drug Administration?! Are you really eating natural food with all those chemicals? Or is eating paper just the same as eating artificial cookies? It’s a vicious cycle of mass producing humans, to mass produce other animals, to keep mass production going.

Let’s just try little shops, instead of big shops. Let’s try individual production, instead of factory production. Let’s try something different, so that the environment does not go to waste.