Yes, Egypt is one of many beautiful places. An established history, still with many mysteries.

Like the meaning of many words or expressions, it is left up to ones own interpretation. Pyramids and other historical foundations tells many stories of which some remain unknown and debatable. The authority of who should speak it, is still in question. Who can speak of history, but the very persons that lived it. True history is spoken naturally through the words of the originator, no matter the point of view.

So, I’ve seen writings on the walls. But the people that wrote them have their true natural meaning, it is not from the various researchers. I may hear an explorer state that the words on the walls were a recording of the kings history. But in fact may have a different meaning. A meaning of distress, of aggression, of sorrow, of joy, of many values. How we interpret these writings are influenced by our position in our immediate life experiences.

So indeed, we may read in the news that the Water Department turned off Detroit residents water of who have outstanding balances. But some may interpret this as an injustice to these people and that having clean water is a natural right that no one should take away. They may question the moral and ethical concerns involving such acts. Yet, another point of view from other readers may hold strong. Some may support the shut off as a just and fair act. They may have the point of view that the people established the society in the way it is governed; and they did not oppose with severity the actions of the Water Department before such shut offs were taken. If water is a given right, then they should have created the system in such manner and corrected the injustice from the onset, instead of waiting for a crisis.

The writings on the walls still speak truth to the authors point of view. Whether dictated or not the authors point of view speaks to the true meaning. As my words that I write speaks to me of the true meaning from my point of view. And a meaning to the readers point of view. And yet somewhere in another point in time, while changes due occur, my words may develop into another meaning. For we cannot go back in time to feel, to witness, and to speak about the writings on the walls.

What is this saying? – that the truth is somewhere out there, which un-manipulated findings will support. The victims may manipulate the findings to change the truth for now they are free and wish to remain so. The en-slavers may have lost their history, for the true meaning has yet to be told.

Egypt has divinity. It has wonders. It has truths. It has the beginnings. It has the endings. History untold, surfaces there. Even the dead have voices. Even the dead speaks. The tombs and mummified bodies held spirits that speaks. These spirits has spoken their truths, and not your interpretations. These dead has spoken the truths that is written on the walls of their tombs, on the treasures buried, and on their very structure. Their bones, their blood, and their brains have left traces of the truth. To the natural history supported by the findings on the writing on the walls of the tombs.

I reddit, but yet to uncover it.

But their energy lives within me.

And the true meaning lies somewhere deep inside of me.

Because I had reddit, and now it is so. In the magical sense of the word.