You can spend you whole life trying to figure out when it began and how it will end, but no one really knows. Sure everyone can say it started this way and that way, but really it may have begun with just two invisible players. The ones you don’t really see in the news. The true business persons or family feuds that began the war. As the people are mere puppets in the game of thrones; who will truly win the never-ending power battle? The answer is on both sides. Because both sides wins during different point of times, the people are the true losers.

The war opponents don’t use their resources, they use the people’s. They don’t use their efforts, they use the people’s. The people are led to believe that they are the ones to gain. They are led to believe that it is for their own good. All along they don’t gain and there is no good.

The true war opponents uses the emotions of the people to steer them to fight for the very rights that they took from them. Misdirecting them, by blaming the other side. The analysts look into the cause deeper trying to find an answer, only to further confuse the people. Everyone has their own ideology and thus will interpret the news differently. But the warriors will know the underlying root which makes people fear, get angry, an act upon. They know which buttons to push to make them want to fight. That is all they truly need to engage in war.

How many times during history the rich man in power has abused the workers so they can get richer? It may have been done in different ways, but it is still being done. Maybe it was the king who ordered the people to build his kingdom for little to no pay, while taking away their very basic human rights. Maybe it was the corporation who made the workers work for less than it cost to live in their society. Maybe it was the government who took taxes and made laws they say is for the people, but is truly for the few in power at various different levels. They used the people’s emotions to drive greed from within them. There are always some of the people, if not all of the people, who wants to be the rich powerful man. And from this, the people will always fail. They will always never trust the man next to them. In a world of competing forces, how can you trust the next man?

So you see why the people has failed? If everyone is looking out for their own kind. And if everyone wants to have that power. And if everyone wants to be you. Then what would be of the people? Their very desire makes them lose.

Their desire makes them engage in a losing battle.

That powerful, rich leader came to be, from the simple skill of making the people lose. Opposites exists for a reason. If you can get your opponent to do what they shouldn’t, then of course you will win. The people are always doing what they shouldn’t. They don’t do it always and all the time, but then they do. It takes a few in a bunch to be careless, and in turn the others will do the same. The ones that don’t act on carelessness, is the ones that the powerful recruits to further test them of their durability.

What the people see is their suffering and the injustices inflicted upon themselves. They don’t really see their actions and how it affects one another. How can they, when they are in it? It is better to see things from the outside looking in. And how many people truly thinks outside of the box?

You wonder how logically so many can follow the few? Instead of listening to their own hearts, minds and souls.