Finally the people have managed to destroy the big bad wolf!

The corporations that build the armor so strong that it’s virtually indestructible. Their armor designed so beautifully with stocks and shares, benefits and retirements, bonuses and vacations, great pay and more great pay. And many other beautiful attributes that would be worn by a beautiful sheep.

But who’s behind those closed doors? Who is the voice of reason? Who is the voice of authority? And who is making decisions for the members of the corporations lives? Were they put there by the members? Did they strategically enter the corporation through a secretive line of people? And most importantly what agenda do they really have?

In a normal society, people look for jobs to make money, so they can take care of themselves and their family. Some people define family differently than what one might think. In a broader sense, family may simply mean your kind of people and not just your immediate family. In a land filled with varying degrees of different kinds of people, it may be a natural thing to categorize them, such as young, old, disabled, race, fat, skinny, etc. The most important that one can categorize is by religion or belief. The laws say not to discriminate against anyone that falls into some of these categories, but is it really enforced? And if you don’t readily see these discrimination how can you oppose it or even address the matter?

Here lies the corporation; inside a culture driven by money and power. Let’s assume that the purple people owns 10% of all major corporations. The blue people are of greater mass and they work for the purple people’s corporation. The gray people are wondering where these other colored people came from; when it is their world from the start. So now there is war between the colors. The blue hate the fact that they have been tricked and used, just to work for the purple people.

The purple people said they didn’t force them and that they only made a deal with them. The purple people said that it is not their fault that the blue people are so stupid that they just don’t understand what they agreed to. And then there were the incentives the blue people crave; the bonus, the power, the money. The fact is the blue people are trying to be purple. They aren’t satisfied in being blue. At least some of them are like that. And that’s the key that the purple people have to use against the blue people.

The blue and the gray’s put the wrench in purple’s corporation by stealing their money and faking the dollars on the books. Borrowing from nothing is the purple’s corporation, like the fable the emperors new clothes; where he thought he was wearing something, but he’s really wearing nothing. It is noted, the purple really has nothing but the sweat and work of the blues. And the blues are looking to acquire the nothing. So the purple says they didn’t take anything, they didn’t steal anything, they strictly rely on the blues. The purple says that it is the blue people who is doing all of the damage and that they are exclusively responsible.

How did they grow to begin with? If there is fair competition, there should be plenty of business out there.

“Let’s lock the market”, they say. Purple has the utilities, the banks, and the food industry. Everything you need to live in your system is what they control. If one of their business collapse; they just have another one of their other business to buy them out or to merge with them. They never go out of business. With mergers and acquisitions they save themselves. And if that doesn’t work, they’ll use the blues money to bail them out. Either way they stay afloat, the blues still work, and the grays are still wondering what the hell is going on and why can’t they all leave? All awhile, the purple live in a lap of luxury. What would be the next step? The purple acquiring the blues? The purple merging with the grays?

Everyone’s in their position. So how do you change positions? How do you make the purple work, the blue responsible and less greedy, and the grays to reclaim what was theirs from the beginning? It’s a new platform that must be built and it must be built strong.

It starts with the blue. They clearly are feeding the purple with unlimited power. Power that needs to be capped, for having free will comes great responsibility.

Or did they?