I had no idea that I had those kinds of powers.  To move things, to see the future, to see the past, to capture thoughts and feelings and make it my own.  But yet they knew about it and they were one step ahead of me.  You see, I only found out about it after they had used me and my powers.  So now the world is in peril.  There is no time machine to go back and stop their manipulation.  They’ve seen into the near future and cheated wall street, crippling the nations finances.  They’ve seen the past through me to see who really created them. They’ve moved their illnesses from one body to another damaging innocent people.  Then they ran out of time.  For it was only temporary.  A temporary fix they could not hold or control.  For it was me that they needed.  So that they can channel my powers.  Yet, they didn’t understand how it was done.

     They didn’t know they were depleting their energy to use mine.  For there is a price for everything.  They’ve forgotten that there’s nothing in life that was free and in some cases they paid with their lives.

     You see, my life and energy is connected to something unknown to man.  This connection was managed by beings that is unattainable and difficult to understand.  They punished and collected souls and spirits of man.  For man took what did not belong to them and then assumed their was no cost.  But there was.

     They said the devil did it and that the devil was collecting souls.  In fact, it was no devil.  It was the balance of life.  Managing life is not an easy task.  It requires judgment in time, which ruled against their cursed actions.

     Souls moving from one point of time and place to another, not returning to the original body.  Some, I dare to say, destroyed after judgment.

     As I look around in my life, I’ve noticed many serious changes.  Changes in people’s beliefs.  Changes in culture.  Changes in ideology.  Changes in technology.  The people had lost their self and identity.  For they paid a price when they used the powers of one for their selfish personal benefits.  They may protest against this allegation, but it is true.  They gained benefits that profited themselves.  There’s no denying it.

     Now, they look at me for answers.  Answers I couldn’t give.  They, then, decide to continue using me in desperate hope to correct what they had done.  They believed that copying my actions, my words, my ideas would void things; but it didn’t.  What was done cannot be undone.

     We can debate what come first, the chicken or the egg.  Could the egg fix the chicken?  Could the chicken make a better egg?  Or are they both set in a never ending cycle of creation.

     You see creation is what they had manipulated.  They, through using powers that did not belong to them, had set their future; where they may not exist and other kinds will surface.

     So here we are at the end of times, because life does not lie.  I ask who in their right mind would manipulate the mother of life with the risk of destroying themselves?  Who?