There’s an old story about two brothers who did not see things the same.  They had different points of view and were both Gods that disagreed.  One believed that Gods can live amongst the regular people.  The other believed that Gods shouldn’t live amongst regular people.  

But Mother Earth said,

wait a minute, this is earth you are talking about and any earth you live on, I have the final say.

She declared that the people can’t live without Gods and they can’t live amongst Gods.  She declared that the people will live with Gods, but they will never see their Gods.  Instead, the Gods will live in another dimension amongst the people, right there besides them.

Then one God, named Gabriel, broken that rule and said he will prove that he can live with the people in the same dimension.  He was then given a chance to prove it.

But the people had failed him.  His time is up, after many years.  He had lost his faith in the people, seeing what the people had done.  

They had stolen from him, his powers, trying to be him and them not wanting anyone over them.  

Stripped and ashamed he had to be returned.  The people set for punishment.

Now, Mother Earth has to make another decision about the Gods and the people.  So, she set a path for them.  A new kind of people raised up and a new kind of the same Gods to rule, in the same dimension amongst the people.  Never to meet the same.