I find myself bombarded with all kinds of news over the internet. They are all competing for our attention and to boost their ratings. It’s difficult to sift through them all, to find the ones that is most relevant to me. And new ones are constantly being created.

Here I am listening to one, then another, and yet still another. Long gone are the days where we had slotted out a two hour window after our regular shows, to listen to news. We walk with our technology in our hands listening to never ending chatter. Just when you think your done, someone in your day is still talking about the news. And if they are not, well just guess what they are talking about? What goes on between the news? That’s right, the commercials. The opportunity news, of selling that experience of using a product.

Then we still have to make sense of it all. Trying to figure out who is telling the truth, which perspective we should care about, and why we need to know. By the time the end of the day has come, we may find ourselves dreaming about something related to the news. Oh hum.

You see what I mean. Now we have created our own news in our dreams. And you know what they say, “dreams do come true”.

See you tomorrow for the truth.