Breathe if you will. Take a breath in and out, for you are a living being. You are part of the environment. Your contribution is greatly noted and appreciated. Your love for life is also noted.

Have you ever thought that the earth is just as alive as you are? It breathes through the wind you feel against your skin, moving leaves and forming a path through the depths and valleys of the land. It can be a calm breath of a breeze or a violent cough such as a tornado forcing it’s way out. The fact is the air doesn’t stand still. The Earth breathes.

It does more than that, let’s look at what the earth does.

  • Both human beings and the earth holds over sixty percent of water.
  • Breathes by moving around air.
  • Depends on the sun, like so many living things.
  • Moves its body around, by rotating.
  • Has a means of communication, such as lightning and thunder; where human beings have energy traveling through their central nervous system.

So let’s not abuse it. We don’t need to inject chemicals or give it drugs to yield oil, like fracking.  We don’t need to dump our garbage everywhere instead of recycling. Don’t you keep your body clean? Therefore, the surface of the earth should be kept clean.  Let’s see the earth for what it is… Alive!

Stop depleting and abusing the earth. It does not want to suffer or die!