It was terrible. Every second she would look at her cell phone. Her cousin, Judy, had called and wanted to come over, but it wasn’t the right time. Pamela hated when Judy showed up without notice. It was a reminder that her family thought she had no life and also a way to check up on her. The pain in her stomach wasn’t helping either. She managed to get through work without going to the bathroom.

Pamela kept her pace; swift, brisk while walking toward her block. Bing. She kept hearing that sound as if something was trying to alert her. “Hey”, someone whispered behind her. She turned quickly to give the guy an evil look of get lost, but no one was remotely close to her. The city was full of crazies. He must have slipped into a store, she thought. She couldn’t worry about that now, there was something definitely moving around in her stomach. It was a little monster, growling. Her hand on her stomach pushed back whatever was protruding out. But it wasn’t a baby, it was a monster.


Her cousin called again. She kept her pace as she answered her cell phone. There was a bunch of people hanging in front of her building as usual. One of the guys was yelling at his friend about some girl he just banged. It was the usual, the shouting back and forth and acting out every event they had, along with the cat calls to every girl that walked by; as if the whole world needed to know that they squeezed the whore on the block’s butt. Who cares?

“Where are you?” Pamela could hardly hear anything. The guys were too loud.


Shit, she thought. She didn’t want to see her cousin. As she pushed the guys out of her way, she felt her stomach tightening. They laughed at the way she walked up the stairs. Her hand was still holding her stomach and the expression on her face was as if she was taking a shit. Squinting, she walked right into the double doors to her building. They laughed louder.

“She must be high on some crazy stuff.” One of the guys chuckled.

It was terrible. A terrible thing she was going through. The potion was doing her in, quickly and not at all quietly. She managed to open her front door to her apartment and fell at the entryway; flat on her stomach, and passed out.

“Pamela?” Judy heard a big thump. She was still on the phone with Pamela trying to explain why she was at her apartment, not realizing that Pamela was there. She walked to the front door and saw Pamela faced down on the floor. The phone dropped out of her hand. Nervous that something was wrong, she picked up her cell phone and thought about dialing 911. Then she heard Pamela take a deep breath. Slowly, she walked towards her to see if she was really breathing. She’s never seen Pamela drunk or high on anything, but maybe she messed up once in her life. No more the goody two-shoes in the family. Pamela had made a mistake.

stay tuned…