“There he is.  There.”  The voice was soft, but aching.  He remembered the voice.  It was his wife.  He struggled to open his eyes, but couldn’t.

“Oh, my dear.  My love.  What have they done to you?”  His wife spoke with a quiver, as she knelt down in front of him.  He heard more voices.  She was not alone.  They had come for him in the deep of the night.

“The king is evil.  What kind of evil is this?  A field of dead bodies of people that have helped his people?”  A voice said.  

“Hew was wrong to help the king.  It is his own fault.”  Another voice said.

“No, that is not the way of our people.  Not at all.  Don’t speak this way against our own.”  Another said.

“Yes, maybe not.  But after this our ways will change.  We must look to life first, with foreign at our door.”  Still another spoke.

“Close the door.  Keep them no more.  Let them die and fall to the floor.”  It was a huskier voice.

Hew knew every voice very well.  It was his people.  His inner being.

His wife touched his feet.  At that moment it was as if he had a new found energy of a bit of life.  His eyes opened, there in front of him was his darling wife.

“Ha.”  Was the only word he was able to utter to her.

“He has life.  Take him down.  Take him down.  We need to hurry.”  His wife spoke.

“They capped my hand and shot my arm,” Hew struggled with his last breath before closing his eyes once again.  His wife heard his words in disbelief.  They had hunted him down like an animal.  She saw where the bow and arrow had punctured through his arm creating a burning hole, as they wrapped him up and hid him in the liquor barrel.  She saw how they had treated him as a butcher would hang their food, his hand was hammered into the plank with a wooden stake.  They smashed the plank to break the stake and release his hands.  They laid his hands on his chest criss crossed, his wife closing his hand into a fist to hide his bloody palm.

It was pitch black, but they had all known every inch of the land.  They moved quickly onto the unchartered path deep within the hills, behind the caves and gulleys of the land.  Their tomb wasn’t far.  They passed through the safe harbor of what many saw as a fog or what some called “the dirty wind”.  The dome closed.  There was silence as they placed him in his tomb, unwrapping him.

“Why would they do this to our people?  What have we done wrong?  Why are they here?”  His wife spoke in despair, feeling her husband’s breath as he gasped.

“I love you.”  Hew spoke.  His wife’s eyes met his.  She kissed his lips.  They breathed in unison, slowly breathing.  The sand had begun to cover his body.

“Lovey, come.”  They pulled her back, not wanting her to interfere with his covering.  The tears poured out as the tomb closed.

“How can I do what you want?  How can I wait to this very end?  The days and nights will be cold now.  There will be nothing for those visitors.  They will meet their fate.  All the life of the earth will take theirs and no more will they know what it is to live.  No more will they no love.  No more will they know of our kind.  They will have no more.”  Lovey’s tears drenched her heart in her chest.  She could hear her husband as he spoke to her.  All of his words filled her soul, for them to meet again.

“Lovey, come.”  They pulled her with her tears still coming.

“You will know my name.  I say this time will be endless for our love will begin again.  You will see me, for the clouds that cause muddy regiment will be cleared.  You will feel me, as we have once done.  You will see once again what we have begun.”  Lovey whispered as if chanting to the soul of her husband’s energy.