Do you remember when you took a school trip to the zoo? Or a family trip? Do you remember how interesting you were as a child to see all the different kinds of animals? Now that you’re older, you’ll find that it is pretty mundane. Unless of course you have a keen interest in the wild animals.

The wild animals? You will not find them at the zoo. What you will find is caged, tamed, and very much contained animals. The zoo is a jail system designed for the wild animals, the non-humans. Designed pretty much similar to the jail system for the humans. It’s a money making business to save them from destruction. So they say.

It’s for the protection of the poor animals at risk of dying out. That’s one of the reasons why they say they keep these wild animals. Why jail these animals, instead of jailing the very people that endangered these animals? How are you protecting the very innocent? Should the victims be caged, prodded, and examined to such a degree that they have absolutely no rights? Well that’s what is going on, to the zoo animals. We are left with the rationalization that we are doing them good and saving their very species.

If you look into the eyes of the very caged animals, do you see joy? Do you see freedom? Do you see a sense of home and a knowing identity of themselves? I have not. What I see are caged animals wanting to be free, wanting to be placed back into their natural habitats. I see isolation.

Instead of man spreading to every inch of land to reign, why didn’t they think about sharing the land? Why didn’t they think of guaranteeing the land for the animals and a separate space for man? Should man had told the animals to move over, we’re here now. Should man occupy the animal’s territory by imposing their dictation on how to live?
With all the detrimental things that man has done to themselves, the environment, and other animals; why should they dictate anything?

In some animal-1839936_1920zoos, these animals are kept poorly. They are barely fed, barely clean, and have restricted, unnatural activities. They move away from the visibility of the sightseers. They hide and wait until the zoo closes. Not to mention the reported abuses you sometimes hear on the news. Animal caging animals is not the way to go. People often forget that they, too, are simply animals. They are no better than any other animal that is out there. They are just different.

Animals are different from one another, there shouldn’t be any class ranking of them. There is no king of the jungle. For a simple bug can kill a lion.