I was a busy bee, flying around looking for the prettiest flower, but something else caught my eye.  It was something that shot up in the sky, showing beautiful flamboyant colors like a rainbow. I thought, it was an unusual flower indeed.  Unfortunately, it fizzled away.  


“They pretended to be interested in the original kind.” 

My keys dangling at my side, I checked every door of the caged.  They were screaming for more.  More food, more space, and more rights.  I shook my head, no, they have to work off their days to earn their freedom.  They were in tents, labeled and grouped by the kind of crime they had committed.  Each group had a certain amount of years assigned to them.  In fact, some tents were already down and what was once caged were freed, but the others remained anxious.

A pretty one came to the opening of the tent, as I was checking their whereabouts and demanding lights out.  No candles burning past moonlight tonight.  With a clean washed face and flimsy wear, she says, “you are like me and yet you are on the other side of this tent.”

“No, I’m not like you.  I am from the blood of my clan of people.  I am not a thief and deceiver like you.”  I replied.

Yet, you work for a master of your kind amongst us.  Don’t you feel you will be dirty like us?”  She caressed herself in such a way, that I couldn’t look away.

In the darkness of her tent, I see her little ones peeking to see what their mother was doing to me.  She placed her arms out to reach for my face, caressing my beard as she reached her other arm around me, then said “wouldn’t you like to be with me?  For free.”

That was when I made a trade, I’m afraid.  I have forgotten my rules and where I was destined to be.  When it was all said and done, I had forgotten one thing.  Where I left it, I couldn’t speak of, without revealing myself to my master and my wife to be.  I had fell victim by the foreign caged others who preyed on me, pretending to be interested in my kind.

“They said the originals are just like the foreign kind.” 

The pretty one raved with joy of her ploy of capturing me.  She’s taken my keys to the kingdom you see and bargained for her freedom.

“They are no different from us.  They claim their roots as if it grows above us, but they are just as needy.” She says, as laughter spewed about and cheers bellowed out of their plan to break about and leave their forsaken agony.

“Indeed, they rooted here and they can’t spare anything to share. Greedy as they come, they will lose their fortune and now we will take their seat and no one will know the difference. They will not be able to bargain. Our days of jail has failed and now we have a newfound freedom, called our kingdom come.”  Says a serious planner of his new community called “camps”, zoned from throughout the land of all the erected tents.

“They wanted to take the seat of the original kind.”

The planner, with the key, went with his group of felonies to take the seat of the kingdom he wish to replace.

Busy bee I am, I was tormented for what I had done and had already confessed miserably.  The king was ready to see to the felonies.

They sprung, captured one by one, and chained under the sun for all to see. Their camp saddened of their failed attempt to outsmart me.

The king said, “you foreign kind, you make your camps, set up tents and committed felony.  Then you dare to oust me, from my seat and to rename my kingdom as your own, to pretend that you are me.  Now, I bear a new law for all to hear, what you have done is more than a felony. Your heads will now be mine come dawn, it will be staked next to the time in the middle of the land for everyone to know.  For your show is over and your fate is your destiny.”


Fear of the new dawn, shackled in chains, they plea for some mercy.

Here comes a little birdy, to guide them free.  “I have some news for you, but it’s at a price.  Someone can give you mercy.”  The birdy whispered into the night.

“Yes, yes, we will do as you wish.  Set us free.”  The foreign kind said.

“I will free you, but you must take in tow, a small bundle, outside of the land you must flee.  There awaits you, your set of payments for your freedom, that you must adhere to relentlessly.”  The birdy tweeted softly.


In the middle of the night, unshackled, they sprouted out quietly. Back to their tents to whisper some more and to flee to the shore, that they were expected to be.


The little bundle, they promised to escape with, was not what they expected. For it was a little baby.  Not formed yet, but a speck, a size that was held in one hand, frozen in a way that prevented it from calling out, “fowl play”.

They ran out, scattered about going in different ways.  The group with the bundle went towards their destination, to the shore from sea to shiny sea.

Indeed, they were running with a little hostage unseen.


It was a long travel, with much things in sight to see.  

A man who called himself a butcher, who was for hire to get rid of any animal that scattered about.  They said they know of no such animals.

A mineral man who wished to trade his gems for anything of importance. They said they have no such things.

They set up camp, with one day left to reach the shore of sea to shiny sea. A beggar asked to share their tent and for a meal.  They said nay, they cannot spare a thing, for they had nothing.


Admiring how well they live and the riches they can also have. 

They reached the shore of sea to shiny sea.  There they saw a ship that moves above water and flown away from the sea, leaving the beggar, the mineral man, and the butcher.

Up, up and away.  Their guide did not play.  They had the stolen bundle to examine for another day.

The foreign ones were amazed of the palace they focused on.  The riches were filling their eyes with joy.  “How do you live like this?”  They questioned admiringly.


“It was another form of jail.” 

“You came to me and delivered this bundle.  For that you will receive payment.”  Said the guide with no emotions to see.

“Sure, sure.  We are indebted to you.  You freed us all.  We have scattered about and now we have a chance and will not fall, to the feet of that kingdom we left behind.  Tell us what you have in mind.”  Said the foreign planner.

“That’s exactly what I want you to do.  Receive your payment as a debt from the kingdom you have stolen from. You take your payment first by any means necessary and the rest will come to feed me.  You will have riches like all that you see before you.”  The guide held the precious bundle and walked away from the foreign felonies.


“They said it was their last attempt to freedom, with no strings attached.”

Many of days, turned to years, turned to centuries.  The foreign kind held their deal of making a debt system, collecting from the originals by any means necessary.

Kingdoms lost, famine came, trees knocked down, water polluted, genocide committed, and lawlessness across the lands.  The cost was deep and some say steep, but it was by any means necessary.

But toll took play, against their own foreign kind.  Their minds scattered against one another, bringing brother against brother.  Of whom the bell tolls, telling every living soul, the truth will come out one day.

Death took them, pain took them, fear took them, disease took them, curse took them.  Their fate, they truly have seen, has come today.  They wanted out of this forsaken deal, of the ruler who does nothing, but collect a debt payment forever and a day.  They realized the cost is their true loss, not of the originals who keep sprouting their everlasting days.

With the last insanity, they pray that they could make a deal to repay, back the originals.  They crafted a deal, not to steal, but to repent and become one with the originals, for another day.  It was their last attempt with no strings attached to free themselves from a common enemy.


“But don’t trust the felonies.”

“But don’t trust the fallen ones.”