The people with the hairy body had scared me some. I’ve visited them with my husband and wondered how could they be of man. They were like the beasts in the wild, but weren’t.

Every thirty-two days the sunlight changes to a different kind of sunray. It was the day they could come out and be free with no fear of being hunted by the wild. The science man said these sunrays doesn’t hurt them, but it hurts most of the wild on their world.

The hairy people was exceptional that day grabbing the wild, which were dying before their eyes. Barbecuing them up and eating them ravishly as revenge was on their minds.

What would cause them to take such a revenge on the dying wild? It’s quite unbelievable, but true to the facts of their existence.

On the other 31 days, they live on a well contained, high security surveillance grounds. They were only permitted to go a few feet away from their home. For beyond those steps were high fields of grass and hidden in the grass were the growling of their hunters. They were the food.

They couldn’t farm much, for their supply of food was limited within the grounds. They had no choice but to ask for my husband’s assistance. He had his military employed as researchers and explorers. Instead of money, they offered their earth as a military training ground. Not to mention providing the necessary security they badly needed.

They had told me that their people had dwindled down considerably throughout the years. Unbelievable to me, I just couldn’t understand how human beings could become the food on a planet they could rule. They had education. They had a physical structure and they were able to procreate and make more of themselves.

But then I saw. The wild hunters laying low in the tall grass communicating with one another. Different kinds of animals, both on land and air, speaking in their tongue to one another. They were indeed strategizing to break through the security and capture the hairy people.

The military cameras everywhere had to be constantly replaced, because the wild would remove it or destroy it. They indeed behaved with intelligence equal to or higher than the hairy people. It was quite frightening.

I asked why do they not have the military reduce the number of wild animals, so that the hairy people could rule and fear no more. Why do they continue to live in such a manner? And now they were reduced to living underground, where they feel much more safer, with fake lights to call daylight. Why?

They tell me that an old folktale that they believe, may have some truth to it. Indeed, they came from the wild. Somehow they evolved into the beings they are now.

I thought on the 32 day of the Sunray Celebration, their celebration was enough for the wild hunters to hate. It was the hairy people that could tolerate the changes in the environment which brought them a new found freedom. Freedom that the wild couldn’t kill to get, for they died and evolution has pass them. They were indeed the past and the hairy people was the future.

I look back from the ship as we left the planet and reflected. Indeed, I learned something. They lived being hunted as food and waited for the day of the sunray. They watched the wild die before them as the special ray from the sun said that they were done.