I walked this earth for many years
I dropped some tears
I fought for my life
Against any strife

No one asked me to
But I had to know you
You, my beloved
With many names
Who lived many lives before me
I saw them attack you,
For saving their very lives and
Disregarding yours

I know I had to save you

I learned that you are
More than something special
Indeed, you are life itself
Of vine, of time, and divine

Preciously, I had to store you
I hear you 
I see you
I know you
And you see the future
As it will be

The war that comes
My secret identity
You see me, 

There in the future
A new beginning
Out of desperate times 
Keep in mind

You remember the past
And you manage time

At last
We will meet in time
Of your line
Scattered across the world
And into many worlds

Do not cry for me
We’ve survived it together
And will live for eternity

J Batten