The people that prayed to the tree said,
Seed me
Seed me
Sow me into your branches
I plea

The tree said,
You are not me
I don’t see anyway
You can be
Seeded from me

The people that prayed to the tree said,
Believe me
I am loyal to you
I befriend you
To be, I will be
Honestly with you

The tree said,
I believe you
Will be honest with you
Yourself and all that trail
Behind you
My trunk and roots
Stand alone
Waiting for the sunlight
To adorn me
You do not have anything
For me

The people that prayed to the tree said,
Here I have
In my hand
Right or wrong
I stand
A seed that belongs to you
It was plucked by a sinner
Or two
I return it to you
So, now please seed me
Seed me, please
I plea

The tree said,
That seed you hold there
Has already returned to us
I say
She has already moved
Many of days
And found her root
To this day and many more
Of days, Of infinite days
I cannot seed you
For you belong to another
And I do not pluck from another
I address you to go away
Find your tree and pray

The people who prayed to the tree said,
But yet you stand tall
As mighty as if you can’t fall
And you seeded other kinds I see
Those colors cannot possibly be all from your root
But yet you give me the boot
How dare you think you cannot fall
I can cut you all
All your branches
All your roots
And I will poop here too
In the shithole of a ground
You planted yourself in
How dare you

The tree said,
I dare you
Shit in my ground
I will use it as food for my soil
For you are already near there
You see, I do not plea
I do not want to be seeded
With another type of tree
I stand my ground
Rooted and make many sounds
Waving my leaves as it dances
Taking in the sunlight
That adorns me
Yes, I am THE tree
The tree of life
That you wish to be