It’s Insane to Take Her Name in Vane

Paul got angry, because he couldn’t find her.
It was all behind her.
The very thing he needed to be kind to her.
With her back against the wall, she scratched it, rubbing against it.
Up and down.
He stood across the hallway watching her scratch her back,
wanting to get her back.
Wanting to get her to come to him,
to just walk across the hallway and stay
so he can fully understand the sun at play.
But she stayed scratching her back to get that thing from inside of her.

Paul he couldn’t find her.
He made a mistake and put that thing inside of her.
She revamped it and created some kind of id-get
that she uses to control the powers of others.
Unable to get it out of her.

She stopped scratching her back
and reconfigured it
with her magic,
moved it around,
and made bits of it crumbled down the drain.
What’s left,
it’s what most say is sane,
for they can’t explain.

How can someone move,
grow more magic,
and develop foreign warfare
to her pleasure and her name.

She says,
“I have time,
power of the mind,
and anything they engage in
to try to take her name in vane.”