For some people finding love is almost impossible.  Their life is so consumed with trying to survive in a hectic society that it gives them no chance to breath; to listen; to enjoy and to find love.  And if you are someone like the character Julia, you may think that accepting any kind of love would suffice.  But it doesn’t.

Julia has to deal with the demons that surrounds her, telling her to do this and to do that without consideration for her own well being.  Not realizing that she is a victim, she dismisses the abusive behavior as an acceptable normal environment and pushes through to her goal.

I wrote this to portray just a glimpse of what victims of abuse goes through.  I didn’t want to make it as seriously emotional as it really is, because there are many different types of personalities that deal with this kind of trauma.  In fact, some feel so trapped that they think there is no way out.  The best thing is finding the courage to talk to someone trustworthy.  To many they find help within religious and outreach organizations.  Unfortunately, for others, they keep it within themselves while trying to maintain civility.