Sometimes people don’t truly understand the importance of having their own identity. They think that they have no gifts, nothing of importance. They are very wrong. We are all born with our natural gifts that if we tap into it, we then may be able to help one another when in need.

The gift of giving, the gift of understanding, the gift of fruitfulness are all important; as important as the gift of life, the gift of growth, and the gift of time.

When the world is at peril and disaster happens it shook everything out of place. We may all find ourselves misplaced having only one way out. Our gifts.

That brings me to a very old story.

In a point in time, the world got angry. Yelled with such veracity that it made things shake, rattle, and roll. Everything was thrown out of place. When it was all done, what survived was thankful for their lives spared.

The monkey who had ended up on the ground, picked himself up and climbed back up the tree to his home. He was thankful to have survived. There he found a turtle stuck on one of the branches. He helped him down to the ground and went back home. The turtle was thankful. He could now walk to his home. As he was walking, he took out an egg, secured inside of his shell and gave it to its mother, the serpent. The serpent let him pass to go home, unharmed, providing security. The turtle was thankful. And the serpent was thankful for the safe return of her egg.

They were all thankful for the chance to begin their life again in a new world, no matter how displaced it was. They were able to continue to use their gifts. The monkey, with the gift to pick himself back up again. The turtle, with the gift to store precious things. And the serpent, with the gift to secure things.

We all need to be thankful for the gifts we are given at birth. Don’t envy others. Understand yourself and appreciate what was giving to you.