Pamela was brisk. She quickly walked down the alley, paying attention not to trip. The debris was all over. There he was, sitting in the crevice of the door corner. His skin looked extremely bruised as if he has been in a fight. It may be possible to get what she needed without getting too close. The man spurted out a cough, making aware of his mucus as he wiped it off on his sleeve.

“Hey. Do you have it?” She whispered.

The man’s eyes were half way closed, as she caught his attention. He briefly opened one eye up, showing it’s redness. Pamela can see now that he had been in some kind of scuffle. He said nothing. She couldn’t be sure that he was even the one. Did she make a mistake? There was another guy in the alley near the garbage, but this one fit the description given to her.

“Sir? Hey you?” She lightly kicked him to get his attention.

“What are you doing?” He let out a gargling sound, trying to clear his throat as he attempted to straighten himself.

“Did you hear me? Do you have it?” She had reached over close to him as to grab him. He needed to wake up and pay attention to her.

“Yeah, yeah. Hold your horses.” Barely seeing out of his red eye, he reached in the paper bag, pulling out a banana skin mess and an empty beer can. The stench was unbearable. Pamela thought it couldn’t be the paper bag. He had let out his gas on her, to upset her stomach as well as her sight.

“Come on.” She could hear someone coming and was nervous about the other guy in the alley. What was he doing there so quiet? She preferred no witnesses. After rummaging through his bags, he couldn’t find it. It wasn’t necessary, she could see it behind him. Pamela pointed to it, indicating to him that he was leaning on it; but he steadily kept searching.

“It’s there.” She fired out in a whisper, as she sternly pointed at it.

It was useless. He wasn’t paying attention. She had to get it. He was repugnant. If she stayed there any longer, she was sure to vomit. Holding her breath, she reached and grabbed it; then took off without realizing that he, too, had just left.

“Drunken bump,” Pamela muttered to herself. What kind of fool would leave something so precious with a stench like that? Yes, of course, no one would look for it with him; but what if he destroyed it? He could have easily spilled something on it or lose it in his rubbage.

It was drizzling and she was tired. The safety of her car, eased her mind, as she tucked it under the passenger seat and spun off.

stay tuned…