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Unfortunately, I was on the trip too. My son was in training, per my husband. His I know everything and I want to do whatever I want attitude, wasn’t acceptable to me or my husband. He immediately put him to the challenge and we went on a trip, where my son had to drive an old klonker. To me it appeared like a regular ship, until we had to make an emergency landing on a bit so friendly planet. We immediately and out a “come get us” signal. But we had to wait.

My younger son and I had to be stashed away in hiding for fear our ship would be searched. My husband gave me some fluids to keep me still and quiet, very drowsy. My racing heart slowed its place as I tried to stay awake. My breathing came to a near standstill. You wouldn’t know I was there, not even if the whole ship was quiet, you couldn’t hear me. But I heard.

They entered the ship demanding entry to every door and every compartment, looking for trade. Our military has been there before. It wasn’t a friendly place. The people there were few and far between one another, covering the entire planet. They were a funny bunch. They survived on taking from others. People who landed there, they looted. They took technology, supplies, and knowledge. They learned from what they stole. Their most fanciful and sought after trade were females. In exchange for nothing, they were willing to take any female that happened to land on their world. It’s what they called trade. That is why I was hidden.

Females are few on that world, which is why they were sought after. The few females there, were quite different. Their kind of man, I thought to be very interesting. The men were humongous, packed with layers of muscles and hands that turned into big sharp claws, if they felt the mood to change. Although, strong and heavy, they were not as strong as the females. The females boasted their bodies, attracting the men as they change the color of their skin to appease her followers. It was something to see. Maybe not at the time, I was in hiding; but after watching the surveillance. She had blue skin, changed to green skin, changed to orange, and then dark brown, presenting her curves as her men grew delighted.

Yet, our military paid her no mind, they knew what to expect. My husband was able to kick her men off our ship and closed the door, as they attempted to pry it open with their claws. Our backup came just in time. A much bigger ship with fighting power. The queen bee, what I call her, directed that our ship land in a specific area where there was no clear landing. They did as they were told, destroying the vegetation. It’s their lazy way of getting someone to clear the area for them to use once we were gone. After all it was less work for them.

The queen bee, turned into what reminded me as a butterfly with wings so beautiful that adorned the colors of her skin. She was indeed a beautiful sight to see. After some resistance the old klonker was able to be moved to the larger ship, but the queen had other plans.

One of our military and our doctor were blocked by her men. She refused to let them leave. Instead she summoned a trade that she had acquired years before we came. Gagged and tied up, their trade whimpered. They ungagged her. She looked helpless and relieved at the same time, hoping that we would save her. She was a young girl, one of our military. What was she doing there, we couldn’t fathom. But later found out she and her team went joy riding between training and ended up there, not realizing they would be ambushed. She cried and explained that the rest of her team left her, in fear. Of course, they didn’t report the incident. It was something to investigate once we returned, but for now she was the only thing left to do. We needed to bring her to safety and for us to return.

The queen bee was intrigued by the comrad “doctor”. His skull had caught her eye. Changing, her claws came out with nails so long like a sharp needle, pointing and touching his bald head.

“Do you know how sharp my claws are? No matter how thick your skull is it can pierce a hole right through and scoop out a little bit of your brain. How interesting.” She said, intrigued of how hard his skull was.

She decided not to. She wanted the doctor instead for her trade and to satisfy her curiosity. She ordered her men to kill the poor girl.

“No!” Our military fought them off, sliced off the hand that held the poor girl’s head which was ready to snap her neck. Unfortunately, one of them, Michael, was down on the ground pinned with his face down and a heavy foot on his back. The doctor recognized his broken spine immediately. Yet, there still was the issue of the girl.

At this point my husband had me secured on the bigger ship and he had no choice but to return and help fight the fight. I couldn’t watch the monitor anymore and I feared for my husband’s life. But somehow we were able to get away, save the girls, and the injured. Once on the ship, the girl gave her briefing, the story of how she ended up there and all the nasty, disgusting things she had to endure.

I couldn’t listen, I walked into the other room, still a bit drowsy. The doctor had the back cut open, examining and repairing the spine. There was a bit of a fracture that needed to be fixed. He removed the broken piece and they took it and placed it in a liquid container to regrow it. It grew in a matter of minutes before it was placed back onto the spine, carefully and with precision. The same place it came from, was the same place it went. And that was it. He was glued back together, which is what I call it, for I don’t know the technical term. But somehow they used a pasty flesh to close him up and seal it. He laid there still for it to be completely healed.

Everything that the doctor did, makes his work seem simple. But there was nothing simply about it. For everyone can’t do it.

I grinned at my son and scolded him. If he wanted to be useful he should learn a bit of doctoring to help his father, who was always risking his life whether on duty or not. He said he was sorry of making light of everything and for declaring that he knew all he needed to. He vowed to learn and to live with the regular people to further understand the intricacies of life. For there was much more than hanging out with friends and seeing the world from a secure place.

There was the actual engagement of the life itself.

Lesson learned.