Rachel eased up, turning towards the light.  It was pounding on her like the throbbing in her head. Her bed was mildly comfortable, unusually so.  She jumped up sitting realizing it wasn’t her bed.  The window was to the right of her, she didn’t recognize the room at all. Although the curtains were pulled there was some sun that escaped through.  The sheets were floral.  She hated floral sheets.  Bed ruffles, eyelets, flowers in a vase, floral wallpaper and pink slippers were showcased all over the room.

She slipped out of bed completely naked, looking for her clothes.  She was in big trouble.  Not only would her husband kill her for not coming home last night, but he was sure to have a valid reason for a divorce.  She had cheated on him with another man, that she could barely remember.  What happened last night was a complete blur.  One minute she was hanging out with Samantha and the next she was at some strange man’s house.

As she was slipping on her jeans, Samantha walked in; seeing her halted everything.  What was Samantha doing here?

“Hey, you’re up.  I’ve made coffee.”  Samantha said.

“Coffee?  What’s this place?  I’m in so much trouble.  My husband would kill me if he found out I’ve cheated.”  Rachel pulled her shirt on with speed, while trying to find her shoes.

“Mine.”  Samantha spoke as she handed her the shoes.

“Yours?”  It was a relief.  She didn’t cheat after all.  She must have been so drunk that she crashed there by mistake.

“I thought you were over with your husband.  What do you care?”  Samantha grinned, walking her to the kitchen.

“What?”  Rachel’s head was still pounding and she felt like puking.  Samantha ran with her to the bathroom as she let out a heave of unfamiliarities.

“Sorry.  I’m just so out of it.  How did I?” Rachel broke her words with more puke.

“What happened?  The last thing I remember was having steak and Spanish rice and…” Rachel again puked, leaving her stomach completely empty and aching.  She slowly followed Samantha back into the kitchen.

“You don’t drink much, huh?”  Samantha said, pouring Rachel a cup of coffee.

“Not like that.  Cheap liquor is not my thing and it’s been a long time that I binged like that. What’s your excuse?  Why are you so perky?  You must have drunk just as much as I did.”  Rachel took a sip of the coffee.  It was the perfect thing she needed.

“I’m used to it.  My body can take anything.”  Samantha chuckled.

“So?  What happened?  How did I end up here?  I didn’t call my husband and say anything, did I?”  Rachel thought only of her game plan.  She was on the brink of divorce and she needed a good excuse.

“We happened.”  Samantha walked towards her and sat down beside her.  “How can you forget about last night?  It was great.”  She reached her hands to caress Rachel’s.  Rachel pulled away.

“What’s the matter?”  Samantha asked.

“Are you joking?  I’m not gay.”  Rachel placed the cup of coffee down while panicking.  Did she really cheat on her husband with someone who was gay?

“Hey, you didn’t have any problems last night.  You didn’t mind me touching you.  What’s going on with you?  I thought you prefer this.”  Samantha went to sit on the other side of her.

“I didn’t know you were gay.  You should have been more upfront.  You deceived me.”  Rachel said.

“Deceive?  Did you not know that the area you were in is our spot?  What were you expecting to find?  You didn’t mind me touching your hands at the restaurant.”  Samantha said in defense.

“I still didn’t know.  This was a mistake.  I remember me sitting by myself and you approaching me.  Plus, that was my old neighborhood.  It wasn’t like that growing up.”  Rachel felt even sicker, but had nothing in her stomach to puke out.

“Look, we mostly talked that’s it.  Then you got tired and I gave you my bed.  I didn’t want to sleep on the couch and I thought you were interested.  Then things just happened.  You had no complaints.  And by the way, call me Sam.”  Samantha spoke as a matter of factly.

“And now I have to explain this to my husband.” Rachel could feel the tears building up again.  She was fully embarrassed and terrified at the same time.  Her life had spiraled out of control from a one-day stroll down memory lane into a double-sided facade.