Satellites are used as a communication device for the country that evoked it. Although it is used for other various purposes, the one that I want to address is communication. Communication is normally considered a positive attribute for anyone trying to form a bridge between foreign entities, but it can be used negatively to destroy these bridges. It was once an exciting accomplishment being successful in having your satellite in space. Now, that so many have entered the arena, it’s become very crowded and competitive. You may wonder how it can be crowded in such a vast space, but imagine the possibilities. Imagine light being used as a communication bouncing off of other objects and creating other forms of communication unknown to man. What if these unknown communications that exist in space, from just having a bunch of satellites, were able to reach somewhere out there in the galaxy; making us visible as a known life form in a point in time and space.

We don’t know what we are doing. We only know that we can and want to continue expanding our knowledge. What we need to do is decide how much or how big of a step we should take? Having many satellites in space from countries that conflict one another and are at war with one another, has to beg the question what is it really being used for? And in the interim, what other foreign alien beings are we attracting to join in our internal war? Did anyone foresee the notion that our wars can become greater than we can bear. A war within our world and a war outside our world can’t protect our livelihood. Our small step, which we presumed to be small, may very well indeed be more than we can consume. We already have a problem with that; overconsumption and overproduction, where we are racing against time to clean up. Before we know it, we may be forced off this planet in hopes of finding another viable one that is not occupied or that is accepting to foreigners.

Satellite communication can be further analyzed by analyzing light, which is to me, the source of communication. One day, with better understanding and judgement, we would learn that light needs to be secured properly during communication. But what is light? I can only tell you what it means to me.

Let’s start with the theory that light travels through any component of matter and changes its color when needed considering the type of matter it passes through. If we go with the concept of matter being a key component of the reaction of light, we can use light as a source to channel things. Thus creating a device like satellites, a means to transmit communication using a light source. Let’s assume that different colors of lights creates different kinds of energy, which dictates the speed of the travel of light. Let’s, also, assume that the color of light is more than the colors of the rainbow, so there are infinite possibilities of speed, if various combinations are created. Moreover, these various combinations can produce colors that is not seen by man, but can be seen by other kinds of animals; like dogs hearing a certain pitch sound that man cannot hear.

From this basis, light can be used to see things in the day and night and even when there is low visibility. Creating a means to see through and within the environment we are in, is very much attainable, with limits to the kind of matter that we are made up of (or the life form we are). For example, specially designed goggles can be made to see what we wouldn’t normally be able to see, therefore, seeing what is not there. But goggles aren’t the only way to see what we normally can’t see. Just imagine the possibilities of replacing those goggles with something else like a window or a suit, where you can see other dimensions.

Stepping from this notion of seeing what is not there, we can then understand differently how light can create heat, like the cave man creating fire by rubbing two sticks together to create a spark. This heat already exists in various degrees in the atmosphere, in different parts of the earth and in different environments; just manifesting itself into another form of matter, fire. Therefore, without light, there is no heat and no fire. Consider that heat is at a different dimension that must be brought forth to see.

And now we make another step. The spark of light generated to start the fire can, also, be seen differently. That spark of light is the connection to begin life and disconnecting it would end life. It’s the spark that communicates with the seed to begin all life forms. This communication determines what kind of life form will be created. Assuming all life forms start out the same, could there not be different colors of the light communicating to the seed of matter and that certain colors are rejected, while others are accepted? Therefore, what’s communicated determines the kinds of life form that begins.

The final step is what happens when there is too much light? If we had determined it begins life, we can assume as well that it can end life; not just by disconnecting the communications, but by having too much that can’t be contained. Something that is overheated can explode or if your lucky it will simply fizzle out. It’s the beginning and the end with the source of light, but what about the middle, what lies between.

What lies between is the many misuses and abuses of what is imaginable, by the brains of man. We can imagine anything and everything.

Just imagine a paraplegic person being controlled from a satellite communication; in essence imprisoning this person, who has been stripped of their free will and being controlled like a remote control robot. Imagine a deaf person with a cochlear implant getting mixed signals and communication messages. Imagine someone spying on you through your cell phone by hacking into the wireless system, never being caught, because they are using the satellite to jump around; from satellite to satellite with their endless hacking.

Just imagine if they installed RFID chips into human beings, which are used wirelessly to purchase items. But instead there is an interference of these devices by using a satellite communication and instead of making a purchase, the communication makes you steal the items. It, also, makes you do impulse purchases. It makes you feel sick or have extreme pain. It makes you say what they want you to say and do what they want you to do. What if they take away your life and your very free will? As you know there are signals from your brain to the rest of the body, and if a foreign object like a wireless RFID device is placed, then someone can use the satellite to control all who has these wireless implants inside of them. Thus, taking control of entire countries and people; making them their slave. Or making them think they are a man, when they are indeed a woman. Or much more.

Just imagine that man had created an artificial intelligence technology located in a temple that is protected by a people who has religious beliefs and knows nothing of this technology; outside of it being related to their God. And this AI is connected to a wireless chip inside their worshippers. And that these wireless devices is connected to the satellite communication out in space. How would you shut it down? Especially, when it has a backup system somewhere in space or hidden beneath the ground or in the sea here or somewhere out there.

Just imagine you go to the bank to get your money and it’s not there? Someone hacked into the satellite system and redirected your money electronically, wirelessly. Can you reasonably say that satellite systems are unhackable? People have hacked into cell phones, computers, cryptocurrencies, banks, government departments, hospitals, just to name a few. Anything that wirelessly communicates can be hacked.

Just imagine the collapse of your entire government financial system, hacked. The stock market, if connected to any wireless communication, can be hacked. Is anyone ready for that? Safeguards and security measures are in place to protect against foreign invaders, but where are the safeguards for the wireless light transfers?

Satellites can be used as a hub, a communication jumping off of one another which gives way to manipulating data and information, before anyone can catch the assailant. Like a robber stealing from a home and running from house to house avoiding capture.

So now we can imagine how a satellite is used wirelessly to control the minds of the people, take over countries, and manipulate your life. What did they have in place to prevent any of these things from occurring when they put the first satellite in space? What did they do to stop that kind of light from the satellite? What did they do to turn off the light and add a little security?


Shouldn’t it be something?