Come one
Come two
And three
Free me

They have me in the bottom of the barrel
Drinking hot sorrel
And hammering the nails
To get theirs

I will not bloat
On this boat
It will bust
I cuss

My fleet come for me
I plea
Show me your mighty
Free me

Stomp on them
Destroy them
Let them know of my army

Build a force
From a scale
To knock out their nails
And free me

They don’t know of my army

They came in not
Ones, twos, and threes
But of thousands
Of millions
Of billions
That stand for me
It is my army

They break the top
Splitting the sides of the barrel
In which I was hidden
Pulling me free

The boat that float
Now rests on unsettled waters
In unchartered quarters
Of the earth of mine

What’s left is not theirs
But unmeasurable
Busted up boats
That no longer floats
And sinks under
Into nowhere

Yes! That is my mighty army