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(Original Egyptians)

It riddles the body standing up and bringing forth life
It moves through the soul and spirt
An energy that brings up
The warmth it develops from within
Now surfaces through and through their skin
Going beyond me and you
It feels as though it will appear right in front and over there
We only see it move things of substance
Challenging our knowledge of what can be will be
The powers within the true Egyptians
Bellows out a mighty storm
Whisking away what had harm them in their yesterday
And turning them into another kind of form
That lives to bring life for my kin
As the bringers are mere hunted food
So you see the true Egyptians they live forever
In the life of all things new and all things old
From everywhere that has a soul and a spirit
That moves to bring forth life again and to raise against them
The assailants that had stolen identities and formulated one deity
It’s the power within that had risen
And now everyone should see what they have become to be