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The door that stood there with no key
I beg it to unlock before me
There is more than that I see
The other side must be

Count my blessings
Perform unto us
There is no reason to fuss
Cause the shadows to remain behind
It need not be in my mind

The miracles that have come
Had made things undone
Forming truth to be of the youth
And developing into blossoms of beings

I see the light that shines bright
Through the cracks of the door
As I explore
What is behind the door
There! I see
It is me
And me
And more of me

It is what is mine
What now rests on my mind
For the door is now open
For all of lifetime
Of me

I walk through and
They walk through
They have now accounted for
To be
And me
And more of me
And the Future
Of me