Pamela had to face the naked truth. Her life had changed drastically after casting the second follow me spell. It worked. She was the richest bitch in town, so she thought. It was better than working in the mailroom. She has been trying to live a high life for weeks now. Something that was supposed to be easy to do was killing her. Her leftovers in her refrigerator was repugnant. Before the incantation her refrigerator was full; and after it was filled with stale and molded food. The book did make her see better. She learned overnight to never take things for granted. The book was supposed to make her life better not worse.

As she stumbled to the bathroom once again, she sat on the toilet with her hands between her legs. It was the only thing she could do. Everything was hazy and she felt like throwing up. The thought of having diarrhea pleased her. It would be a relief from heaving up on an empty stomach. Moreover, her stomach had an unknown troubling movement in it that she wanted out. She had drank too much. She had eaten too much. And she had… She couldn’t think it. Never in her life did she think she would be that kind of a person. An addict?

It had happened so fast. The day after she lost her job from the follow me spell, she realized that she had to use it again to help herself. She went on a mission to find the most richest looking person as fast as she could. It was a simple plan and she was successful. She saw the perfect person at the park and watched her from a distance. Stalking wasn’t a skill she was comfortable with, but the thought of losing her home was terrifying.

The lady went to the gym regularly and Pamela thought that would be the perfect place to bump into her. Her skin was flawless and her body was perfectly sculpted; something that the rich was entitled to which was supported by their endless spending sprees. It was the very lifestyle that Pam wanted, to not worry about how she looks and how much money she was spending.

In the locker room she had gathered her things in such an awkward way, that it was expected for it to fall and scatter. The beautiful rich lady, that’s what Pamela called her silently in her head, was kind too. They both became instant friends when she helped Pamela gather her scattered things.

“Thank you very much. I’m a klutz sometimes. It’s just I’m so busy and always rushing. This is the only time I can release some stress, you know.”

“I know what you mean. Exercise is a good release.”

And that was it. They started talking. The lady, Hannah, worked at a big publishing company as an editor. What were the odds? The very thing she wanted, this lady was. How much do these kinds of editors make anyway? Pamela didn’t have a clue, and it didn’t matter to her, because Hannah was rich, before she got a job. One of those born rich people. No problem for Pam.

Before heading out for a bite with her new best friend, she had slipped into the restroom and took the potion. Then she whispered to herself a song of incantation while washing her hands with Hannah at the restroom sink.

“What is that tune from?”

“Oh, I don’t even know,” Pam lied. “It’s something that my Nana used to sing to me to calm me down as a child. It helps when I’m under a lot of stress.” Hannah had smiled, figuring her new friend was very peculiar. What was even more peculiar is that Hannah lost her job and her home, soon after. Her life had drastically changed that she had no other alternative but to stay with her parents in their mansion, while figuring out what happened.

Weeks had gone by with Pamela’s new rich lifestyle. Here she was again with a serious problem. Who would have known that the beautiful rich girl had a drug problem. No wonder why she was so skinny with a sculpted body. A model looking bitch with a hell of a lot of problems. Not only couldn’t she stop doing drugs, but her demanding boyfriend was on her hit list. Pamela wanted everyday to kill him. He would supply the drugs and then right after “how do you like it baby?”  That was the routine.

Nothing came out; wiping her ass, she held onto the sink afraid of falling. Her goal was to find another incantation before her boyfriend came over. It was going to stop this drug habit and get rid of him once and for all.

Her knees gave; down she fell hitting her shoulder against the cold white tiled floor. She needed to get the book and lock herself in the bathroom with it, until she found an incantation. It was the only way. The door was cracked open.  If she could only get to it.

“Go! Go! Get it!” she heard the voices. They were yelling again. Who’s side were they really on? They couldn’t possibly be on her side or they wouldn’t be speaking to her. She wasn’t crazy. If they cared, they would just shut up and let her do it. She didn’t need to hear their cheers.

Slowly she crawled to the door reaching her hand to pull it open, but her fingernails only touched the edge of the door and barely moved it. There just was no energy in her. She was faint and could hardly breath. She heard the voices again, “she’s a goner. She’s done.”

. . .


“Hey wake up. Are you okay?”

Pam’s eyes squinted. It was her dumb boyfriend again.

“Man, you’re wasted. You got to pull yourself together. Tomorrows work.”

“I know what tomorrow is.” Her words vomited out with such disgust, that he dropped her out of his hands onto the couch.

“I got to go. I left you something. I’ll see you next weekend.” He turned back to look at her, not quite sure if he should leave her like that, then proceeded to the front door.

“Go on. Get the hell out of here. You know I love you.” She smiled at him, which is her way of thanking him for the stuff he left.  To her, he was acting strange rushing out of there like that. Then she remembered the book.

Finally, once again in the bathroom, she was with her beloved book. Lately she was taking too much of the stuff and her only safe place was the bathroom. Hannah didn’t look like a person that took drugs. She handled it very well, better than her, Pam thought.

It was the perfect spell, and no potion necessary. It was titled clearly to get rid of addictions. Pamela was puzzled, why would they need to write an incantation of getting rid of addictions? What could they have possibly been addicted to during those years? She shrugged the thought off.  At this point, it didn’t matter and it was useful for her.

stay tuned…