The translation read…

“Of the mother of two
One goes with you
The other one picks from
The latest to do
Then follows the first
To make you”

The confusion was with the next verse. Pamela just couldn’t make out that word. It must be a saying that is no longer used. It’s possible that it could be an expression used in that time. Maybe she could skip it. Maybe it wasn’t important. It finishes…

“Then say three times. ‘Follow me, follow me, follow me.’ Don’t undo.”

The potion was the easy part. All she needed was the ingredients to mix and then to drink. Yet, still she was worried about the part of the incantation she couldn’t translate. Should she do it anyway? She had went to so much trouble to get the book and now she was too scared to act on it. She had to try, to see if anything happened at all. It’s worth the risk.

After drinking the potion, she read the incantation and waited for something to happen. She felt no change. She wasn’t glowing. She didn’t feel stronger or smarter. There was nothing. It was that missing verse. It said, “I hold you”, but she wasn’t certain. It could have been, “I’m within you”. At this point, she said she would just say it twice with each verse. One of them had to be correct. Still, she didn’t know what any of the incantations truly mean. There was no explanation. To her it didn’t matter, she wanted powers and that is what the book was going to give her.

At work, she saw her co-workers busy gossiping about the owner. He was opening another location and some employees were asked to work at the new location. It was exciting news for them, but Pamela could care less. She wanted to be the one owning, not working in the mailroom with a bunch of guys. She missed out on her opportunity to go to school years ago. Instead she had decided to work and help her mother pay the medical bills. When her mother died, she felt completely alone and worthless. There was nothing in her savings to do anything and her mother left her penniless. She remembered her mother’s last words, “don’t give up, it will turn around’. Her mother was always hopeful, not at all realistic. It was hope that kept her hanging onto life. Pamela didn’t understand why she would want to go through so much pain and suffering over hope. It isn’t what she want for herself.

“What’s going on? You guys leaving?”

“Pete is, not me. What about you? Are you thinking about going to the new location or what?”

Pamela thought about that question. It was in a better area where she could move, maybe it wasn’t a bad idea. She shrugged that she just didn’t know, and walked over to the table to sort the mail. Their eyes were staring at her as if they needed an answer. With her back turned against them, she continued to work, but the feeling that they were still staring was strong. She glimpsed back at them and smiled as they had all stopped working and was waiting for an answer.

“Sure, I think it’s a good idea.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s better at the new location, but we can’t all go. I think I’ve changed my mind though, I’m going.”

They were talking as if they all wanted to go, knowing that they all couldn’t leave. Then Pamela remembered the incantation. This is it. It was working. They were following her and believing her every word. Her new life was beginning. She smiled to herself and continued working. She had to be careful with what she wanted people to follow. A plan was necessary.

stay tuned….