I found the seed,
when I was sweeping the floor,
all alone
between the cracks of the floor,
near the door.

"Good gracious", I said,
I almost lost this one.
A special seed indeed,
all orphaned
with dirt from the surroundings.

I dusted off the garbage that was all around it,
then planted this special seed of light,
for I've seen that kind before.

It was one of a kind
on the timeline
that will yield much good in life.

It was planted in a special pot
with great healthy soil
for the natural nutrients
to grow.

"Oops", I almost forgot
that I had to finish sweeping away
the garbage
that the seed was in and
away from the very special pot.

The seed was safe and no more in danger,
from the garbage.

The no go zone,
that dirty garbage
falling in the cracks.

In fact, I've decided to vacuum the rest
of the garbage in the cracks
for it to be no more.

What a beautiful day
to restore that special seed 
on the timeline.

For it is the seed from the tree of life.